These individuals have kindly confirmed they will speak at our summer conference, scheduled for 7th and 8th July 2016.

Paul Masters, Ocado

Paul is the Head of Internal Audit and Risk for Ocado, the UK online food retailer. Before he joined Ocado, Paul held a series of senior audit, risk and consulting positions in the telecoms sector. Paul will be a panellist at our summer conference, joining a debate on the transferability … [continue reading]

Joaquim Teixeira, Energias de Portugal

Joaquim is the Head of Organization & Development at the distribution division of Energias de Portugal (EDP). EDP is a major European electricity business. It also has stakes in water and gas operations and investments in suppliers in the Americas, Africa and Asia. Joaquim’s responsibilities include the equivalent of revenue … [continue reading]

Miguel Mendes, WeDo Utilities Director

For the last seven years Miguel has been responsible for promoting WeDo’s products amongst utilities, helping them to significantly expand the market for business assurance outside of telecoms. Miguel will be a panellist at our summer conference, contributing to the discussion of how the lessons learned by telcos can be … [continue reading]

Hayley Daniels, Neural Technologies

Hayley is a member of the RAG steering committee, contributing a deep understanding of fraud management and an enviable network of contacts that guarantees the RAG agenda is conscious of the cutting edge of fraud developments. She is a Senior Risk Management Consultant at Neural Technologies, and previously worked at … [continue reading]

Lee Scargall, Senior ERM Professional

Lee is a communications risk professional with 20 years of experience working for Ooredoo Group, Cable & Wireless International, T‑Mobile UK and Deloitte Consulting. He is a member of the RAG’s steering committee, helping to ensure we deliver an agenda that highlights the progress being made in ERM globally. This … [continue reading]

Andy Harper, Cartesian

Andy is a Vice President at Cartesian, with responsibility for the EMEA region. He has extensive experience of serving the RAFM market, having worked for some of the industry’s best known vendors. Prior to joining Cartesian Andy was the Head of Commercial Operations for Roscom, and he has also worked … [continue reading]

David Smith, RA Pioneer

Now semi-retired, David has exerted immeasurable influence over the development of revenue assurance during his thirty-year telecoms career. RAG is honored that David is helping us to develop an education program, based upon a proposal David originally drafted. David will join us at our London conference in March, where he … [continue reading]

Guy Howie, Margin Maximisation Expert

Guy is the founder of Business Intelligence & Assurance Solutions (BIAAS), a firm which helps telcos to exploit data in order to maximise margins. Our November meeting in London will see Guy give a presentation about applying a different perspective to tackling leakage and generating value for your telco. Before … [continue reading]

Ravi Rao, Analytics Innovator

Ravi Rao has over 25 years of experience in telecom, software and data analytics. He will join our panel on the priorities facing fraud managers and the tools and techniques which need to be developed to keep pace with emerging threats. Ravi will also share his experience of working with … [continue reading]

David Morrow, Fraud Expert

David has a deep knowledge of fraud and fraud management, having served as the Vodafone Group Corporate Security Fraud Manager and as an investigation officer for the UK’s tax authority before that. David is a member of the RAG’s steering committee, providing guidance on how we maintain an agenda that … [continue reading]

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