Jason Lane-Sellers, CFCA

Jason is an independent fraud and revenue assurance consultant and is a Board Director and Executive Secretary for the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA).

Jason is very well known in the industry, having worked with a range of telcos and suppliers including: Vodafone, Neural Technologies, Azure, Amdocs, Lycatel, Hutchinson, T-Mobile UK and cVidya. As well as working with the CFCA, he has also collaborated with fellow professionals via the GSMA Fraud Forum, TUFF and the TM Forum. He is a Certified Communications Security Professional per the CFCA, and he received the TUFF Achievement Award for services provided to the industry in the prevention and reduction of fraud.

He was a panellist at the RAG summer conference where he shared his experience of the CFCA Global Fraud Survey and discussed the challenges involved in obtaining reliable loss data from telcos. He also joined a panel on the priorities facing fraud managers today.