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Professional education was one of the key themes discussed at the RAG Summer Conference, and the audience expressed a clear desire for better training opportunities. This article represents our first step towards developing an action plan to improve education for relevant professionals. We invite the feedback of the professional community as we seek to build upon recommendations made by one of RAG’s most experienced members.

During our final conference session David Smith commented that our profession has not much improved over the last ten years. The lack of a comprehensive and universally-recognised education program is one factor that holds back our profession. Many in the audience agreed. With the goal of education in mind, David recommend a way forward.

In 2006 David drafted an action plan for a new education program on behalf of the Global Billing Association (GBA). That program was never implemented; soon afterwards the GBA merged into the TM Forum and the latter organisation adopted a very different approach to developing training courses. David offered to share his original proposals with the RAG, and the attendees agreed this would be a helpful starting point for determining how the RAG might develop its own education program. In outline, David recommended that RAG follow a collaborative approach which includes and builds upon material already made available by industry experts and academic institutions.

David’s original proposal documents are being made available so anyone in the professional communications risk and assurance community, whether they are a RAG member or not, may comment and be encouraged to offer their own suggestions in response. Everyone is welcome to give feedback, and to make their own recommendations for how we formulate a plan to promote improved education opportunities for our community. David’s 2006 action plan is captured in the following documents available for download:

Though David’s draft syllabus was oriented around billing and revenue assurance it should be noted that the RAG has a more open scope, covering aspects of risk management and business assurance that are more diverse than the billing-oriented objectives that telco revenue assurance teams held in 2006. RAG is hence open to a more expansive view of what might be included in a professional education program aimed at the kind of people who join RAG. However, David’s suggestions provide a useful starting point for reviewing what would need to be included in a modern-day revenue assurance training course.

All feedback is welcomed as we seek to develop our action plan. You can provide feedback using the comments section below.

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