Alan Blaney, Focus Training

Alan Blaney is the owner of Focus Training (UK) Ltd, a business that specialises in providing training relating to risk, security, intelligence analysis and fraud prevention. He has kindly agreed to provide a free half-day training seminar on risk management to a strictly limited audience of 25 conference attendees. Alan’s seminar will be held on the day before the conference proper, taking place on the afternoon of March 14th. Only current employees of a telco will be eligible to attend this seminar.

Alan’s risk seminar will cover the following topics:

  • The elements of risk
  • Critical success factors around risk
  • Pure and speculative risk
  • Where is risk found within a business (Q&A with participants)
  • What is your personal risk appetite
  • Business and Prospect Theory
  • The relationship between business growth and risk (Q&A with participants)
  • Key areas of risk within a business
  • Key risk vulnerabilities of telcos (Q&A with participants)
  • Specific telco fraud risks
  • Comparison of risk management models
  • Risk treatments

Alan has provided training to, and on behalf of many high-profile organisations, including the GSMA. As well as managing Focus Training, Alan is also the Chairman of the Association of British Investigators’ Academy. Previously Alan was a detective in the UK Police, with responsibility for investigating major crimes and providing national intelligence training.

To register for Alan’s training seminar, tick the appropriate box when booking your place at the conference. All requests to attend Alan’s seminar will be vetted to ensure they come from genuine telco employees, and places will only be confirmed after the vetting process has been completed.

The risk training seminar will be held on the afternoon of March 14th at a location near to the main conference venue. To control the number of attendees, full joining instructions will only be supplied to those selected to take part.