Allan Yates, Counter-Corruption Specialist

Allan is an independent consultant and PhD candidate whose career has focused on the investigation and prevention of corruption, fraud and abuse in government and industry. He is skilled in fraud, corruption and workplace investigations, the design and delivery of training programs, and governance and risk related activities including policy review and probity advice. Allan has a strong strategic and operational focus, assisting organisations in their development of integrity-based frameworks, ethical workplace practices and strengthening their resilience to corrupt conduct.

During his career Allan has worked as an internal ombudsman for several councils, a fraud specialist for the UK’s Department of Health, and a university lecturer. His focus on financial investigation began when he was an officer in the London Metropolitan Police. Allan has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies, and a Master’s in Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption Studies. He is currently working on his PhD thesis, which is entitled: “How corruption is perceived, interpreted and addressed in local government”.

Now based in Australia, Allan will contribute to the agenda of RAG Sydney by giving a presentation on how and why organizations should embrace whistleblowing procedures and ethical frameworks as part of a comprehensive strategy to tackle fraud and corruption.