Anthony Sani, Orillion

Tony Sani is a founder of Orillion Solutions, innovative suppliers of technology that assists telcos in managing their risks and developing their staff. Tony has a long track record as a senior executive leading RAFM functions for major telecoms operators around the world.

Tony is no stranger to RAG, having participated in some of its earliest meetings when he worked in the UK. He was the host of RAG Johannesburg in 2017, is a member of the RAG Steering Committee, and is the chair of the Education Sub-Committee. Orillion Solutions are RAG’s technology partners in supplying the RAG Wangiri Blockchain.

During his career Tony has served at executive level at MTN Group, where he oversaw revenue assurance and fraud management across their 22 national operations. He has also led telecoms assurance teams at Cable & Wireless Group, T-Mobile UK and Worldcom UK.

In 2016 Tony received the Subex Excellence Award for the most outstanding individual contribution to the global RAFM community. The award was given in recognition of his efforts to improve the education of RAFM professionals.

Tony has degrees in accounting and economics and is a certified CISA systems auditor.