Bartek Bukowski, Vodafone

Bartek works for Vodafone in the UK as their Interconnect Finance Manager. Previously he was the Revenue Assurance Manager for Hutchinson 3G, Billing Manager for Resilient Networks, and he was a consultant and manager in various positions at T-Mobile UK. He is a passionate advocate of increasing the scope of assurance work within telcos, and is a forceful and regular presence at RAG meetings.

This March, Bartek will join us as a panellist at RAG London. He will contribute to the panel discussing how to extend the remit of assurance work beyond the typical scope of RA departments, and his particular emphasis will be the potential within the field of interconnect settlement. Bartek is always one of our most entertaining speakers, and is bound to stimulate plenty of discussion with his fellow panellists and the rest of the audience. Whether you agree or disagree, Bartek’s views cannot be ignored!

In addition to his decade of hands-on experience working in billing, assurance and settlements, Bartek is also a well-rounded finance professional. He has a master’s degree in Economic Policy and Corporate Strategy, and a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking.