Belinda Soh, EdgePoint Infrastructure

Belinda Soh is a highly experienced risk, audit and financial professional. In October 2021 she was appointed Head of Internal Audit at EdgePoint Infrastructure, the Malaysian-headquartered supplier of telecommunications infrastructure in the ASEAN region.

Belinda previously spent 15 years at Telenor and its DiGi Telecommunications business, working as a senior manager with responsibility for security, risk and incident management. As Director of SecOps at Telenor, Belinda was responsible for assessing, collecting, and aggregating information about incidents that occur across Telenor and she supported all areas of security including information security, physical security and telecommunication fraud. Belinda also served as the Head of Fraud Management at DiGi Telecommunications. Her role in DiGi evolved over time, as she stepped up from positions where she performed fraud investigations and audits.

Belinda’s earlier career involved working for internal audit and financial departments in the Chemical Company of Malaysia (CCM), Tay & Partners and Asiatic Plantation.

Belinda is no stranger to collaborating with her industry peers. She was formerly the Chair of the GSMA Asia-Pacific Fraud Forum. Belinda has been an active contributor to RAG, serving on the panel that selects the questions for RAG’s leakage surveys and speaking in person at RAG Sydney 2018.