Bharat A. Pandit, Tata Sky

Bharat Ashok Pandit is the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Intelligence at Tata Sky, the direct-to-home media and communications provider. He is a proven business executive with a track record spanning decades of work for various organizations including Reliance Communications as Vice President – Head of Revenue Assurance, and Tata Teleservices as Head of Customer Service Delivery – CDMA.

Bharat and his team are proud that Tata Sky are the first DTH service provider in the world to have a fully integrated revenue assurance set-up allowing coverage from service delivery to accurate charging.

Bharat has vast experience in customer life-cycle management, business intelligence, strategy and risk across multiple consumer-facing industries. He was instrumental in developing and implementing industry-changing solutions in customer management and credit control. As a result, he is widely sought as a public speaker for strategy seminars across the globe, has authored articles in annual publications by KPMG and participated at multiple round-table conferences on corporate risk assessment and mitigation by Ernst & Young.

It is Bharat’s belief that “every CEO must be a revenue assurance person”. He explained his views by stating:

Revenue Assurance is not about transactions covering the technical and business support systems while connecting them and finding leakages but more about the strategic output that this area allows one to provide to an organization. Since access to RA is from basic acquisition to data tracing across the customer life cycle to write-offs while stitching various analytical points like a central nervous system it enables effective decision making.

Bharat’s interests include his passions for farming, philanthropy and spirituality. He is actively engaged in uplifting the social and economic circumstances of villagers in his vicinity. Bharat inaugurated the local temple and he sponsors deserving village kids for higher education.