Cassio Sampaio, Sandvine

As the VP of Marketing at Sandvine, Cassio drives the creation of new solutions while working closely with technology partners and strategic customers.

Cassio has extensive breadth of experience in information and communication technologies, with a solid understanding of mobile and fixed broadband network technologies. He also has a strong foundation in the areas of network policy control, big data, VAS creation, OSS and billing/charging.

Attendees of RAG Johannesburg will benefit from Cassio’s insights into emerging risks for data services, as he will give a keynote presentation about this subject. Cassio will talk about the need to embed data-specific revenue assurance and fraud detection capabilities that address threats like:

  • unlicensed IPTV and Kodi usage;
  • major causes of revenue leakage related to data charging; and
  • popular methods of data fraud, including header injection, domain fronting, TV piracy and OTT bypass.