Our committee steers the strategic direction of RAG and oversees the agenda for each event we organise. We seek to ensure the committee is representative of our diverse community, including telco managers, vendors, consultants and other subject matter experts.

Bernice DeMarco, BT

Bernice is a member of the RAG steering committee, helping to ensure our agenda always remains relevant to communications providers. She is also the Director of Business Assurance at BT Group, where her transformative role sees her leading one of the most dynamic and expansive assurance teams in the world. … [more]

Jacqui Biggart, TELUS

Jacqui Biggart is a member of the RAG Steering Committee who also works for Canadian operator TELUS in the role of Manager – Technology Security. Having joined TELUS in 2000, Jacqui has developed a broad working knowledge of her domain. She has hands-on experience of such varied topics as lawful … [more]

John Preston, Tesco Mobile

John is a member of the RAG’s steering committee. He is the Head of Billing, Collections Risk and Assurance for Tesco Mobile, the UK MVNO. John’s role at Tesco Mobile covers responsibility for managing all aspects of billing, payments, collections and revenue and reference data assurance. John will be a … [more]

Simon Walsh, Telefónica UK

Simon is the Head Of Disclosure at Telefónica UK, which trades commercially in the UK using the O2 brand. He is responsible for liaising with law enforcement to ensure they have the information they are legally entitled to and need to fight crime. Previously Simon was the Fraud Operations Manager … [more]

Rachel Goodin, Ocado

Rachel Goodin is the Head of Technology Audit at online retailer Ocado Technology. Her role covers the execution of controls across Ocado’s business. Ocado is reinventing the relationship between the cutting edge of digital services and the time-honored business of groceries by innovating with technology then delivering at scale. They … [more]

Eric Priezkalns, RAG Chief Executive

Eric is the Chief Executive of the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG). He was originally appointed to RAG’s Steering Committee in 2013 and then led the drive to incorporate RAG and expand its reach worldwide. Away from RAG, Eric is the Editor of Commsrisk, the information hub for communications risk … [more]

Fadila Boumaza, TEOCO

Fadila Boumaza is the Executive Director responsible for Business Services at TEOCO and is also a member of the RAG Steering Committee. She is a results-oriented person with a deep knowledge of developing, launching, and managing business processes for value creation in consumer, enterprise, and wholesale businesses. Fadila has tremendous … [more]

Joseph Nderitu, RAFM Professional

Joseph Nderitu is a Kenyan revenue assurance, fraud and audit professional who has worked for several telcos across Sub-Saharan Africa. He is also a member of RAG’s Steering Committee, having been appointed in November 2019. During his career Joseph has been both a consultant and a manager inside telcos. He … [more]

Ashwin Menon, Subex

Ashwin is the Product Director for Revenue Assurance at Subex. During his decade at Subex he has worked in engineering, sales and consulting, resulting in a well-rounded understanding of RAFM products and services. Ashwin is also a member of the RAG Steering Committee, representing the interests of major sponsor Subex … [more]

Steffen Öftring, RA Director at SIGOS

Steffen is the Director of Revenue Assurance and Head of Consulting Services at SIGOS, a leading provider of test call services. He is responsible for the entire consulting portfolio in the areas of revenue assurance, national and international QoS/QoE, app experience and roaming implementation for SIGOS’ worldwide customer base. Steffen … [more]

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