RAG runs large two-day conferences and smaller one-day meetings. Here is a rundown of events which are coming soon and those held in recent years.

London Utilities Meeting: 3 Dec 2019

On Tuesday 3rd December RAG will hold its second annual meeting dedicated to water and energy providers. The venue will be in central London and online registration will be free for employees of electricity, gas and water suppliers. The number of participants will be strictly limited. Agenda Location Free Registration … [continue]

Delhi Conference: 5-6 Feb 2020

Overview Agenda Location, Evening Entertainment and Hotels Brochure Free Registration for Telcos and Regulators Attendance Options for Sponsors, Academics and Invited Guests About Our Host and Our Sponsors     Overview 2020 will see RAG hold its first conference in India, thanks to the generosity of BT Group, who will … [continue]

Toronto Conference: 19-20 June 2019

Canadian multiplay operator TELUS will host our 2019 North American conference at their eye-catching offices in downtown Toronto. Join us for a program of thought leaders addressing the hottest topics in telecoms … [continue]

Bonn Conference: 11-12 June 2019

RAG’s 2017 European conference drew attendees from across the continent and beyond. Now we are returning to the same venue, where we will enjoy the hospitality of Deutsche Telekom for a second time … [continue]

Kansas Conference: 17-18 Oct 2018

RAG comes to the USA for the first time, with Sprint hosting RAG’s October 2018 conference at their campus in Overland Park, near Kansas City. As with all RAG conferences, telcos and regulators are welcome to attend for free … [continue]

Nairobi Conference: 11-12 Sep 2018

RAG returns to Africa with a conference hosted by Safaricom at their headquarters in Nairobi. Following the success of RAG Johannesburg in 2017, RAG Nairobi has attracted registrations from telcos across the African continent … [continue]

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