This is a selection of some of the talks that have been given at RAG meetings. We are grateful to the presenters for allowing us to share their content.

“STIR/SHAKEN: A Canadian Perspective” by Matthew Gamble

Matthew Gamble, experienced consultant to the telecoms industry and Vice Chair of the Internet Society Canada Chapter, spoke at RAG New Orleans 2022 about the ‘Kafkaesque’ contradictions that emerged during the evolution of rules governing the use of the STIR/SHAKEN anti-spoofing protocols in Canada, and how these had a negative … [more]

“Towards a Fraud Risk Map and Leakage Catalogue” by Geoff Ibbett

Geoff Ibbett leads RAG’s efforts to compile a comprehensive inventory of all leakages that could be measured and monitored by business assurance teams. At RAG New Orleans 2022, Geoff introduced the audience to the first major extension of that catalogue: a comprehensive crowdsourced listing of all frauds suffered by comms … [more]

“Data and Business Assurance” by Fadila Boumaza

Fadila Boumaza is a member of the RAG Steering Committee and the Executive Director responsible for Business Services at TEOCO. For her presentation at RAG New Orleans 2022, Fadila chose to focus on the value that can be extracted through better analysis of the data belonging to a typical communications … [more]

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