This is a selection of some of the talks that have been given at RAG meetings. We are grateful to the presenters for allowing us to share their content.

“Business Assurance for Digital TV” by Glen Winn

Glen Winn, Head of Revenue Assurance and Fraud at Virgin Media, gave a presentation during RAG Online that discussed a program of work where Glen and his colleagues seek to extend the concepts of the RAG Leakage Catalogue to the revenue and cost leakages suffered by pay-TV providers. Here is … [more]

“International Revenue Share Fraud in Practice” by Kenneth Mouton

Kenneth Mouton is the Head of the Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management Business Unit at SIGOS, the worldwide leader in the testing, protecting and monitoring of telecommunication networks, providers and services. Kenneth gave a presentation at RAG Online in May 2020, speaking on the topic of international revenue share fraud … [more]

“13 Years a Slave (and Still Here)” by Joseph Nderitu

Kenyan RAFM consultant Joseph Nderitu appeared during the RAG Online conference to deliver an updated version of the talk he had previously given as Guest of Honour at RAG Johannesburg 2019. Entitled “Summary of 13 Years a Slave (Still Here)”, Joseph’s talk elaborated on the corrupt way that Tanzania’s regulator … [more]

“SIP and Fraud” by Arnd Baranowski

Arnd Baranowski is the CEO and Managing Director of Oculeus, a provider of business solutions to telcos that he founded 2004. His business has since become expert on dealing with the fraud risks associated with the transition to IP networks. His presentation to RAG Online in May 2020 dealt with … [more]

“The Three Common Myths of Test Tools” by John Davies

John Davies, the Managing Director and one of the founders of BluGem, who are specialists in the field of test event generation, gave a live presentation during RAG Online in May 2020. The theme of his talk was the myths that confuse telcos about the potential use of proactive test … [more]

“Rating Assurance or Restaurant Apathy” by Paul Cox

Paul Cox of Neural Technologies spoke during RAG’s online conference in May 2020 on the topic of how telecommunications providers and other businesses assure the rates and prices that present, or fail to present to customers. Paul drew an analogy with a funny experience he once had at a restaurant. … [more]

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