This is a selection of some of the talks that have been given at RAG meetings. We are grateful to the presenters for allowing us to share their content.

“Summary of 13 Years a Slave” by Joseph Nderitu

Joseph Nderitu gave the keynote presentation at RAG Johannesburg 2019, talking with great power and humour about the need to preserve integrity in the face of corruption. The lecture drew upon the incident in April 2019 when Joseph, who was then employed as Head of RAFM at Vodacom Tanzania, was … [continue]

“Actual Intelligence” by John Haraburda

John Haraburda (pictured) and Ayad Alqadi of iconectiv spoke at RAG Bahrain 2019 about the subject of “Actual Intelligence”, by which they mean the use of actionable and precise information that is obtained from sources outside of the telco. Take a look at the kind of information that is available … [continue]

“Business Analytics Innovations” by Jacob Howell

TEOCO are leaders in using network data to improve the making of decisions by telcos, and Jacob Howell is responsible for the research and development of their business analytics solutions. Jacob was one of the speakers at RAG Bahrain 2019, where he talked about the massive surge in networked computing … [continue]

“IoT Device Classification” by Don Reinhart

Customers hold telcos responsible for protecting the data stored on devices that are connected to the telco’s network, even though the device was manufactured by a different business. How can we begin to assess the scale of the risk now being driven by the use of a wide range of … [continue]

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