This is a selection of some of the talks that have been given at RAG meetings. We are grateful to the presenters for allowing us to share their content.

“Upgrading Turkcell’s RA Capabilities” by Ferya Topal

Ferya Topal is both a scrum master and an experienced developer of revenue assurance systems for Turkcell Technology Research and Development. She kindly joined us at RAG Bahrain 2019 and spoke about the ways Turkcell had used new technology to upgrade their RA capabilities. You can see Ferya’s presentation slides … [continue]

“IoT Risk Managment” by Carlos Marques

Carlos Marques has a deep knowledge of the technology and business of safeguarding telco networks, some of which he shared as a speaker at RAG Bahrain 2019. He drew on his experience as WeDo Technologies’ Head of Product Marketing to tell the audience about the reasons they must adapt their … [continue]

Rachel Goodin

“Life after GDPR” by Rachel Goodin

Rachel Goodin in a versatile and experienced information risk manager and auditor who has worked for Cellnet, KPMG and Deloitte, and currently serves as the Head of Technology Audit at online retailer Ocado Technology. She kindly spoke at the London meeting of RAG held in December 2018, advising the audience … [continue]

“The Impact of Refiling” by Mohamed Jaffar

Mohamed Jaffar works at MTN Afghanistan, where he is the Head of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, and he came to RAG Bahrain in January 2019 to present a case study that described the impact of traffic refiling and how his telco has responded to it in practice. Mohamed’s talk … [continue]

“SIM Swap – Fact and Fiction” by David Morrow

Experienced fraud manager and consultant David Morrow spoke at the December 2018 meeting of RAG in London, where he talked about the history and current prominence of SIM swap crime. His presentation carefully distinguished the facts about SIM swaps with some of the mythology that his become widespread. The slide … [continue]

Ray Green

“Future Challenges for RAFM” by Ray Green

Ray Green of Focus Data joined us at the London meeting held in December 2018, where he gave a presentation about the challenges facing revenue assurance and fraud management. Ray told the audience about the incredible scale of traffic that will be conveyed across electronic communications networks, and how machine … [continue]

“RAG Risk Catalogue Update” by Geoff Ibbett

Expert consultant Geoff Ibbett spoke at RAG Bahrain in January 2019 about the current state of work on the RAG Revenue and Cost Risk Catalogue. The catalogue is a collaborative initiative that helps telcos understand all the ways they can suffer leakage, and what preventative and reactive controls they can … [continue]

“Refile and Wangiri Fraud” by Bryan Rowe

Bryan Rowe is the owner and Director of Six Degrees Limited, a business which uses superiors analytics to counter telecoms fraud. Bryan spoke at RAG’s December 2018 London meeting about refiling and wangiri fraud, two frauds which have increased in frequency. In his presentation he addressed the methods that fraudsters … [continue]

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