This is a selection of some of the talks that have been given at RAG meetings. We are grateful to the presenters for allowing us to share their content.

“Refile and Wangiri Fraud” by Bryan Rowe

Bryan Rowe is the owner and Director of Six Degrees Limited, a business which uses superiors analytics to counter telecoms fraud. Bryan spoke at RAG’s December 2018 London meeting about refiling and wangiri fraud, two frauds which have increased in frequency. In his presentation he addressed the methods that fraudsters … [continue]

Gordon Perry

“Digital Twin Assurance” by Gordon Perry

Gordon Perry is the 
Managing Director of Symbox, a business that supplies enterprise software solutions to telcos and other businesses worldwide. One of the areas where Gordon and his colleagues are seeking to innovate is in the realm of ‘digital twin assurance’, which means creating an automated end-to-end simulation of … [continue]

“Introducing the Risk Reward Awards” by Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor is a seasoned business executive with a deep knowledge of telecoms fraud management and business assurance from his time as the CCO of Neural Technologies. He left Neural to establish his own not-for-profit awards body, with the goal of recognizing the best work done by risk professionals in … [continue]

Ray Green

“Crisis Management” by Ray Green

Ray Green is an expert in intelligence and investigations. Ray’s presentation to the November 2017 London meeting of RAG concerned the need for big businesses to prepare for any crisis by walking through hypothetical scenarios and assessing how they would react in practice. This mental preparation is key to improving … [continue]

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