RAG press releases are all listed below. We are also glad to help journalists seeking an expert opinion on the integrity and accuracy of modern electronic comms and the risks facing comms providers. The challenges facing the industry include: fraud, privacy, money laundering, malware, online safety, protection of intellectual property, and finding the right regulatory balance. We can connect you to people who will describe the issues in plain language. The easiest way to reach us is via our contact form.

Subex Chooses to Sponsor RAG Again

3 June 2019 Subex, suppliers of a comprehensive portfolio of offerings for telcos wanting to manage their risks and increase their profits, have confirmed they will sponsor RAG for the third year running … [continue]

Araxxe Renews Global Sponsorship of RAG

22 May 2019 Araxxe, one of the world’s leading suppliers of end-to-end billing verification and interconnect fraud detection, has agreed to extend their sponsorship of RAG to cover another full cycle of global conferences … [continue]

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