These individuals have kindly confirmed they will speak at our RAG India conference, which will be held in Gurgaon on 5th and 6th February 2020.

Bernice DeMarco

Bernice DeMarco, BT

Bernice is a member of the RAG steering committee, helping to ensure our agenda always remains relevant to communications providers. She is also the Director of Business Assurance at BT Group, where her transformative role sees her leading one of the most dynamic and expansive assurance teams in the world. … [continue]

Bharat A. Pandit, Tata Sky

Based in Mumbai, Bharat Pandit is the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Intelligence at Tata Sky, the direct-to-home media and communications provider. Before joining Tata Sky, Bharat worked for Reliance Communications, where he was their Vice President of Revenue Assurance. In this role he was responsible for seven … [continue]

Naresh Chandra Biswas, Robi Axiata

Naresh Chandra Biswas works for Bangladeshi operator Robi Axiata as their General Manager with responsibility for Revenue Assurance. In this role he: assures revenues and margins for all services; performs all kinds of fraud detection, analysis and prevention; monitors partner settlement; and validates transactions for digital services. Naresh joined Robi … [continue]

Nikhil Sehgal, Colt Technology Services

Nikhil Sehgal is the Head of Business Assurance and Insights at Colt Technology Services, where he is responsible for book-to-bill assurance processes and strategy to minimize revenue leakage and improve revenue realization.  In his role, Nikhil also uses his experience as the business design lead for new product design and … [continue]

Rahul Puri, Tata Sky

Rahul Puri works for Tata Sky, where he has been their General Manager of Revenue Assurance since August 2015. Based in Mumbai, Tata Sky is one of India’s leading providers of direct-to-home television and communications services. Prior to joining Tata Sky, Rahul was Head of Commercial Control for Global Cloud … [continue]

Arun Ganjoo, Jio

Arun Ganjoo is an Information Security Specialist at Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. In addition to his practical knowledge of IT security, Arun also has extensive experience of: data analytics; governance, risk and compliance; management consulting; internal audit; revenue assurance; forensic fraud management; and product design. He has proven assurance skills … [continue]

Eric Priezkalns, RAG Chief Executive

Eric is the Director and Chief Executive of RAG. He was originally appointed to the RAG Committee in 2013 and then led the drive to incorporate RAG and expand its reach worldwide. Away from RAG, Eric is the Editor of Commsrisk, the information hub for communications risk and assurance professionals. … [continue]

Geoff Ibbett, Symmetry Solutions

Geoff is a Director of Symmetry Solutions, for whom he oversees product management. During his career, Geoff has held a series of senior roles in product management, project management and business development for several well-known software developers and consultancies. Geoff is a regular participant at RAG conferences and meetings and … [continue]

Michaël Houis, FraudBuster

Michaël Houis is FraudBuster’s Senior Business Development Manager. Based in Paris, he helps FraudBuster to extend their reach beyond the 90 worldwide operators who already use their services. Michaël has been managing sales in various industries for most of his career, with an extensive experience of Africa. He joined FraudBuster … [continue]

Anthony Sani, Orillion

Tony Sani is a senior executive with an extensive track record leading RAFM functions for major telecoms operators around the world. Tony is no stranger to RAG, having participated in some of its earliest meetings when he worked in the UK. He was the host of RAG Johannesburg in 2017, … [continue]

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