These individuals have kindly confirmed they will speak at our Bahrain conference scheduled for 23rd and 24th January 2019.

Eman Gawish, Telecom Egypt

Dr. Eman Gawish is the Revenue Assurance General Manager at Telecom Egypt. Eman was recruited by Telecom Egypt in 2002, and went on to be instrumental in establishing their RA department. She is a self-motivated member of the Telecom Egypt team and constantly seeks to learn and improve her technical, … [continue]

Daniel Udochi, MTN Sudan

Daniel Udochi works at MTN Sudan, where he is General Manager, Risk & Compliance Management. He has overseen corporate governance, risk and compliance management for MTN Sudan since late 2015. Daniel is an experienced and widely-travelled telecoms professional. Prior to MTN Sudan, Daniel spent 5 years working as Senior Manager, … [continue]

Mohamed Jaffar, MTN Afghanistan

Mohamed Jaffar is the Head of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management at MTN Afghanistan. As a manager he established the RAFM department of MTN Sudan as well as that in MTN Afghanistan. He also founded his own RAFM consultancy firm in Dubai and has worked with a variety of telcos … [continue]

Mustafa Ali, Batelco

Mustafa Ali is the Head of Business Assurance at Batelco, the principal telecoms company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He is a seasoned management professional with over twenty years of multi-industry global experience in leading business assurance, program management, enterprise risk management, shared services, advisory, operations, finance and IT in … [continue]

Jacob Howell, CFCA

Jacob works for TEOCO, where he is responsible for research & development, innovation and new product implementation for their Business Analytics line of solutions. Before he joined TEOCO, Jacob designed and implemented big data, RAFM and subpoena compliance systems for The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner Telecom, and XO Communications. … [continue]

Alain Kazan, Zain Iraq

Alain Kazan is Head of Fraud at Zain Iraq. He is a hands-on fraud professional and has undertaken extensive fraud analysis and risk assessment using open source and traditional software and processes available on the marketplace. Alain has designed, developed and implemented a number of comprehensive counter fraud solutions. With … [continue]

John Haraburda, iconectiv

John Haraburda is the Principal Solutions Engineer Director at iconectiv, a role which makes him responsible for managing their critical business operations and spearheading business development to help their customers solve real world problems.  John’s role sees him support the iconectiv TruNumber Protect and Routing solutions, which bring network and … [continue]

Ashwin Menon, Subex

Ashwin is the Product Director for Revenue Assurance at Subex. During his decade at Subex he has worked in engineering, sales and consulting, resulting in a well-rounded understanding of RAFM products and services. Ashwin is also a member of the RAG Steering Committee, representing the interests of major sponsor Subex … [continue]

Anas Naser, Umniah

Anas Naser supervises revenue assurance and fraud management at Umniah, the Jordanian mobile network operator. Before Umniah, Anas was a Senior Revenue Assurance Analyst at Orange Jordan. Anas has university degrees in Finance and Accounting and in Electrical Engineering. He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

Lisa Meeks, Etisalat

Lisa currently holds the position of Director – Internal Audit, Etisalat-International. She is a senior risk management professional with over 30 years of varied experience (10 of which have been spent working throughout the Middle East and Africa). Her career and experience has spanned consulting, internal and external audit, finance … [continue]

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