These individuals have kindly confirmed they will speak at our Bonn conference, scheduled for 21st and 22nd June 2017.

Anthony Sani, MTN Group

Tony Sani is an Executive at MTN Group, overseeing Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management across the 22 countries where they operate. He is a highly experienced manager who has also led telecoms assurance teams at Cable & Wireless Group, T-Mobile UK and Worldcom UK. Tony is no stranger to RAG, … [continue reading]

Roman Lukes, DTAG VP Customer Finance

Having worked for Deutsche Telekom Group since the middle of the 90’s, Roman is now the Vice President of Group Customer Finance at DTAG. In this job he covers: credit, fraud, revenue assurance, billing, accounts receivable and collections. Roman has previously served in a range of roles that relate to … [continue reading]

Andy Mayo, Vodafone Group

Andrew Mayo is the Senior Group Fraud Manager for Vodafone Group. He is broadly responsible for fraud management across Vodafone’s extensive group, having previously lead the transformation of the way Vodafone handles fraud. Andy previously was a management consultant at Accenture, and he was employed as a manager for HSBC … [continue reading]

Anamitra Mukherjee, Optus

Anamitra is Associate Director Revenue Assurance at Optus, the Australian multiplay telco. He leads all RA activities for Optus and Virgin Mobile Australia. His role covers the identification of leakage, whilst seeking to minimise cost of sales and identify revenue maximization opportunities. Anamitra follows a risk-based approach to RA. Having … [continue reading]

Rene Felber, Telia Finland

Rene is the Head of Risks & FRA at Telia Company, Finland. He has kindly agreed to be a speaker at the RAG Bonn Conference in June. The responsibilities covered by Rene at Telia are wide-ranging. They include: governance, risk and compliance (GRC); fraud management; revenue assurance; and credit control. … [continue reading]

Christian Lagresle, Orange Group

Christian Lagresle is the Revenue Assurance Director of Orange Group. He has kindly agreed to be a panellist at our RAG Bonn Conference, where he will join a debate on how to persuade executives to invest more into revenue assurance. Based in Paris, Christian is a frequent traveller to Orange’s … [continue reading]

Inguna Ievina, Tele2

Inguna is the manager of the Revenue Assurance Shared Service Centre for Tele2 Group. Based in Latvia, she supports revenue assurance across the 9 countries where Tele2 operates. She has kindly agreed to be a speaker at RAG Bonn this June, where she will share her insights into how groups … [continue reading]

Gjurgjica Pesheva, Deutsche Telekom

Gjurgjica ‘Gina’ Pesheva is a senior expert at Deutsche Telekom Group, where she oversees their strategies and policies for revenue assurance and billing. Gina will be our host and keynote speaker for RAG Bonn in June. She will also be joining us to give a presentation at RAG Johannesburg in … [continue reading]

Ulrich Heister, Deutsche Telekom

Ulrich is the Vice President of Fraud Management at Deutsche Telekom. He has worked for Deutsche Telekom Group since the 90’s, serving in a series of management roles that relate to security, cryptology and fraud. Prior to joining DT, Ulrich was a professional researcher with the Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg and … [continue reading]

Kostadin Taneski, A1 Telekom Austria

Kostadin is a revenue assurance analyst for A1 Telekom Austria. He has over a decade of experience in dealing with risk management and revenue assurance in the telecom industry. His responsibilities range from exploratory data analysis and establishing data pipelines to performing risk assessments and implementing controls. Prior to joining … [continue reading]

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