These individuals have kindly confirmed they will speak at our Bonn conference, scheduled for 21st and 22nd June 2017.

Theresa Whelan, COLT Telecom

Theresa is the Commercial Risk and Investigations Manager at Colt Telecom. She has kindly agreed to be a panellist at our Bonn Conference in June 2017 where she will share her knowledge of commercial risk and due diligence. Theresa is a highly experienced professional, having worked for 18 years in … [continue]

Esad Mumdzic, Deutsche Telekom

Esad is currently the Head of Credit Risk Management at Deutsche Telekom, responsible for B2C and SME service lines. He has spent much of his professional life in the credit risk management and collections industry across Europe, working in Germany, UK and Hungary amongst others. Esad will be speaking at … [continue]

Simon Walsh, Telefónica UK

Simon is the Fraud Operations Manager at Telefónica UK, which trades commercially in the UK using the O2 brand. Simon has over 15 years of experience working in a variety of fraud and security roles in the telecommunications sector. At Telefónica, his teams work to protect the business from existing … [continue]

Rachel Goodin

Rachel Goodin, Ocado

Rachel is the Head of Control Environments at Ocado Technology. Her role covers the execution of controls across Ocado’s business, which seeks to provide consumers with a friendly and efficient online grocery retail service, starting with taking their orders using the web, packing the goods for delivery in the warehouse, … [continue]

Duncan Beanland, Vodafone

Duncan is Senior Manager, Fraud Management at Vodafone, where he runs their IDD fraud prevention team. Our November London meeting will begin with a major update from Duncan, who will tell the audience about Europol’s new telecoms fraud initiative. Duncan started his career in the private banking sector, working as … [continue]

Hanno Allolio, Consultant and Business Leader

Hanno is a founder of Allolio&Konrad, a European professional services firm that focuses on assurance, project management and BSS transformation. Their clients include Telefónica, Vodafone, T-Mobile, BT and Orange. Allolio&Konrad was recently acquired by Ericsson … [continue]

Atul Jain, CEO and Founder of TEOCO

Atul is the founder, Chairman and CEO of TEOCO. After emigrating from India to the USA to study for his PhD, Atul started TEOCO in 1995 with an investment of just $2,000. Under his leadership the business has grown and diversified so that it now supplies analytics, assurance and optimisation … [continue]

Cassio Sampaio, Sandvine

As the VP of Marketing at Sandvine, Cassio drives the creation of new solutions while working closely with technology partners and strategic customers. Cassio has extensive breadth of experience in information and communication technologies, with a solid understanding of mobile and fixed broadband network technologies. He also has a strong … [continue]

Rob Chapman, Cartesian

Rob is the Chair of the Risk & Assurance Group. He oversees the committee and the planning of each meeting, bringing together professionals from across the industry and driving RAG’s agenda forward. As Chair, Rob is also responsible for managing each of our conferences, where he welcomes the audience, introduces … [continue]

Merve Şahin, Security Researcher

Merve is a PhD student in the software and system security group at EURECOM, in France. Previously, she obtained her MSc degree from Sabanci University, Turkey in 2013. Her current research focuses on identification and detection of fraud and abuse in telephone networks. She is also interested in the implications … [continue]

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