Gjurgjica Pesheva, Deutsche Telekom

Gjurgjica ‘Gina’ Pesheva is a senior expert at Deutsche Telekom Group, where she oversees their strategies and policies for revenue assurance and billing. Amongst her duties Gjurgjica helps DT Group to standardize and coordinate their assurance processes, IT and methods. She uses internal and external benchmarks to identify improvement opportunities … [continue]

Sebastian Milczanowski, Vodafone Group

Sebastian Milczanowski is the Head of Group Margin Assurance at Vodafone. In his current role Sebastian is accountable for revenue and cost assurance as well as customer profitability across the Vodafone Group. Having joined Vodafone in 1999, he has been responsible for delivering enhanced returns across multiple areas during his … [continue]

Patrick Gill, Millicom Group

Patrick Gill leads the Risk Function, and is the Company Secretary of Millicom International Cellular SA, a leading provider of cable and mobile services dedicated to emerging markets in Latin America and Africa. Prior to joining Millicom in 2010, Patrick spent 18 years working in a variety of risk consulting, … [continue]

Ingrid Azzopardi, GO

Ingrid Azzopardi is the Group Internal Auditor of GO PLC and a founding member as well as a past chair of the Malta Forum for Internal Auditors. She is also the Secretary of the Malta Association of Risk Management. She has considerable experience of leading an internal audit function. Her … [continue]

Adam Falus, T-Mobile Czech Republic

Adam Falus is the Senior Head of Fraud Management at T‑Mobile Czech Republic. He has over two decades of experience in fighting telecommunications fraud, and is an active participant in anti-fraud industry bodies like the GSMA FASG. Adam is no stranger to RAG, having previously spoken at a London conference … [continue]

Nixon Wampamba, MTN Group

Nixon is the General Manager responsible for technical design and audit at the RAFM Centre of Excellence in MTN Group. He has over 20 years of experience in revenue assurance, fraud management, systems architecture, engineering, process improvement, and the implementation of automation. Nixon links his expertise in testing and evaluating … [continue]

Marius Sagatavičius, Telia Lithuania

Marius Sagatavičius is the Head of the Prevention team at Telia Lithuania. In this role he has a wide range of responsibilities across the mobile, fixed and interconnect sides of the business. These include: screening of employees, partners and customers; GRC; fraud management; revenue assurance; and management of corporate insurance … [continue]

Mohammad Sha’ad Hossenbaccus, Millicom Group

Sha’ad is the Global RA Manager at Millicom, the multi-national telco group. Based in their Luxembourg office, his duties see him guiding RA teams and working with peers spread across Europe, Africa and the Americas. This RA work covers a wide range of streams, such as mobile telephony, mobile data, … [continue]

Michael Lazarou, MTN Cyprus

Michael serves as the Revenue Assurance and Fraud Manager at MTN Cyprus. He is also an active supporter of the Risk & Assurance Group and a regular contributor to Commsrisk, where he shares reviews of online education courses. As a keen advocate for online learning, Michael is a special advisor … [continue]

Prof. Bernhard Sick, University of Kassel

Bernhard Sick is the Professor of Intelligent Embedded Systems at the University of Kassel. The focus of his work is to develop and research innovative techniques that increase the machine intelligence of technical systems. Bernhard holds one patent and has received awards for his thesis, papers, and teaching. He is … [continue]

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