Parthiban Balasubramanian, TELUS

Parthiban Balasubramanian works at TELUS, where he is the Product Owner for their Telemetry department. Telemetry is TELUS’ in-house data analytics function, a technical team that empowers TELUS users to gain access and insights from the telco’s internal operating and revenue data. They are responsible for managing access in a … [continue]

Kathy Romano, RA Pioneer

Kathy Romano is a solutions-oriented financial executive with a passion for improving processes. During the course of her career she has proven her ability to build and lead successful teams in dynamic environments that require innovation, vision and significant change management. Kathy’s experience includes 20+ years of systems and operations … [continue]

Krista Saarinen, Experienced Fraud Manager

Krista Saarinen is a long-serving fraud manager who has more than 25 years of experience. She is a well-known specialist within the anti-fraud community, respected for her ability to explain the issues to a wide variety of audiences, drawing upon her deep knowledge of fraud and the other risks that … [continue]

Chris Poulton, Expert in Regulation and Customer Operations

Chris Poulton is a business advisor who has a deep knowledge of customer centricity and the role of regulation for telcos and utilities. Between 2014 and 2018 Chris was a Managing Director of Ofgem, the UK’s energy regulator. In this role he oversaw Ofgem’s delivery function. Chris was a member … [continue]

Ken Bessant, Thought Leader

Ken Bessant is an expert in the areas of lawful access, lawful compliance, fraud management and privacy. He has created and led several teams and his résumé includes spells as the Senior Manager for Lawful Compliance at Shaw and Senior Manager for Corporate Security at Freedom Mobile. In addition, Ken’s … [continue]

Jacob Howell, CFCA

Jacob works for TEOCO, where he is responsible for research & development, innovation and new product implementation for their Business Analytics line of solutions. Before he joined TEOCO, Jacob designed and implemented big data, RAFM and subpoena compliance systems for The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner Telecom, and XO Communications. … [continue]

John Brooks, Subex

John Brooks is one of the founders of Connexn Technologies, which was one of the worldwide pioneers of telecoms revenue management technology. Beginning in the 1990’s, John also served as an executive advisor, and he assisted several successful technology start-ups as they pursued and acquired funding. Today he serves as … [continue]

George Bolt, Neural Scientist and Inventor

Dr. George Bolt is a senior consultant and advisor to Neural Technologies. He is an expert in neural computing and was one of the founders of Neural Technologies, serving as their Head Scientist, then as their CTO. George has a DPhil in neural computing and a bachelor’s in computer science. … [continue]

Hans Eismann, WeDo Technologies

Hans Eismann is Vice President of Service Delivery and Operations at WeDo Technologies. Based in the USA, Hans has a strong track record of managing technology projects on behalf of telcos in the region. His specialities include project management, team building, OSS/ BSS, PMP, and IPMA. Hans also spent almost … [continue]

Chester Calma, SIGOS

Chester Calma is currently is the Manager for Technical Sales in the Americas at SIGOS. He is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has worked on mobile operator’s VAS and signaling systems for the past 17 years. Within SIGOS, Chester provides customers with the best practices on how … [continue]

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