These individuals have kindly confirmed they will speak at our London Conference, to be held in March 2017 at BT Centre.

Bernice DeMarco

Bernice DeMarco, BT

Bernice is a member of the RAG steering committee, helping to ensure our agenda always remains relevant to communications providers. She is the Director of Revenue Assurance at BT Group. Her active support for RAG includes hosting RAG conferences at BT Centre in 2016 and 2017. Though she runs one … [continue]

Adam Falus, T-Mobile Czech Republic

Adam Falus is the Senior Head of Fraud Management at T-Mobile Czech Republic. He will be flying in to our March conference in London to present a case study on how T-Mobile used Big Data to reduce the chances of external attack. They were able to upgrade their firewall’s defences … [continue]

Hakim Akayour, BT

Hakim Akayour is a senior manager within the Revenue Assurance function at BT Group. He will join us at RAG Sydney in January, where he will share his experience of using test call generators for revenue assurance and billing verification. Hakim is a well-liked and respected revenue assurance professional. Prior … [continue]

Stuart Waton, Three

Stuart Waton is the Senior Commissions Manager at mobile communications provider Three UK. He joined RAG’s Steering Committee in September 2016, helping us to ensure our agenda is pertinent to wireless network operators. Stuart has 8 years experience in revenue assurance roles spanning Cable & Wireless, Virgin Media and British … [continue]

Atul Jain, CEO and Founder of TEOCO

Atul is the founder, Chairman and CEO of TEOCO. After emigrating from India to the USA to study for his PhD, Atul started TEOCO in 1995 with an investment of just $2,000. Under his leadership the business has grown and diversified so that it now supplies analytics, assurance and optimisation … [continue]

Bartek Bukowski, Vodafone

Bartek works for Vodafone in the UK as their Interconnect Finance Manager. Previously he was the Revenue Assurance Manager for Hutchinson 3G, Billing Manager for Resilient Networks, and he was a consultant and manager in various positions at T-Mobile UK. He is a passionate advocate of increasing the scope of … [continue]

John Preston, Tesco Mobile

John is a member of the RAG’s steering committee. He is the Head of Billing, Collections Risk and Assurance for Tesco Mobile, the UK MVNO. John’s role at Tesco Mobile covers responsibility for managing all aspects of billing, payments, collections and revenue and reference data assurance. John will be a … [continue]

Andreas Manolis, BT

Andreas is the Group Head of Strategy and Risk for BT Revenue Assurance. He will contribute to the opening session at RAG London in March, speaking alongside his boss, Bernice DeMarco, about the ways their RA function is moving into new kinds of assurance within BT Group. Andreas will also … [continue]

Michael Lazarou, MTN Cyprus

Michael is responsible for revenue assurance and fraud management at MTN Cyprus. He is also an active supporter of the Risk & Assurance Group and a regular contributor to Commsrisk, where he shares his reviews of online education courses. As a keen advocate for online learning, Michael has attained a … [continue]

Pedro Bravo, NOS

Pedro is the Revenue Assurance and Credit Scoring Manager at NOS, the Portuguese quad-play operator. He will be flying in to the RAG London Conference this month, and will join our panel on how to measure the benefits of RAFM especially when doing preventative work. Pedro has a deep working … [continue]

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