These individuals have kindly confirmed they will speak at RAG London 2020, which will be held at BT Centre on 5th and 6th February 2020.

Bernice DeMarco

Bernice DeMarco, BT

Bernice is a member of the RAG steering committee, helping to ensure our agenda always remains relevant to communications providers. She is also the Director of Business Assurance at BT Group, where her transformative role sees her leading one of the most dynamic and expansive assurance teams in the world. … [continue]

Lorene Hunt, Optus

Lorene Hunt works for Australian telco Optus, where her role is Commercial Director, Networks & Strategic Vendor Management. In this position she is responsible for overseeing the operator’s network assets, ensuring that all inventory is accounted for. Lorene joined Optus in May 2018, bringing with her a wide variety of … [continue]

Divya Shridhar, BT

Divya Shridhar is the Head of Data, Tools and Capabilities within the Business Assurance function of BT Group. She is a natural leader with a strong track record for planning, implementing solutions, and analysing requirements. Prior to joining BT and relocating to London, Divya was employed by Tech Mahindra in … [continue]

Rachel Goodin

Rachel Goodin, Ocado

Rachel Goodin is the Head of Technology Audit at online retailer Ocado Technology. Her role covers the execution of controls across Ocado’s business. Ocado seeks to provide consumers with a friendly and efficient online grocery retail service, starting with taking their orders using the web, packing the goods for delivery … [continue]

Eric Priezkalns, RAG Chief Executive

Eric is the Director and Chief Executive of RAG. He was originally appointed to the RAG Committee in 2013 and then led the drive to incorporate RAG and expand its reach worldwide. Away from RAG, Eric is the Editor of Commsrisk, the information hub for communications risk and assurance professionals. … [continue]

Lee Scargall, Senior ERM Leader

Lee is a communications risk professional with 20 years of experience working for Ooredoo Group, Cable & Wireless International, T‑Mobile UK and Deloitte Consulting. He is a member of the RAG’s steering committee, helping to ensure we deliver an agenda that highlights the progress being made in ERM globally. As … [continue]

Peregrine Chard, Expert in BSS/OSS Transformation

Peregrine is Director of Consulting Services at Ericsson, who he joined this year, after 7 years as Head of Strategic Programme Assurance for Vodafone. He will speak at RAG London in March, giving his advice about the way telcos can manage major changes to their BSS and OSS systems. At … [continue]

Rob Chapman, RAG COO

Rob is the Chief Operating Officer of the Risk & Assurance Group. In this role he chairs meetings of the RAG Steering Committee and is responsible for the planning and execution of each RAG event. Rob’s goal is to bring together professionals from across the industry and drive RAG’s agenda … [continue]