These individuals have kindly confirmed they will speak at our conference to be held at Overland Park, Kansas, scheduled for 17th and 18th October 2018.

Eric Burger, CTO of the FCC

Eric Burger is the Chief Technology Officer at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and is Research Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. Eric will join us at RAG Kansas to discuss robocalls, CLI spoofing, artificially inflated traffic and what the FCC and telcos can do to address these issues. … [continue]

Jenny Schultz, Sprint

Jenny manages billing for Sprint at their head office in Kansas. She is an experienced manager who has worked at Sprint since 2000, gaining a detailed understanding of the billing process, customer relationship management (CRM), and account management. Jenny has a BA in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Attendees … [continue]

John Cunningham, CenturyLink

John Cunningham is a Director of Fraud Management Operations and Corporate Security at US telco CenturyLink. CenturyLink is the second largest US communications provider to global enterprise customers, with a customer base that extends across more than 60 countries. John has over three decades of experience at fighting telecommunications fraud. … [continue]

Taruna Ranjan, T‑Mobile US

Taruna Ranjan is the Director of Revenue Assurance at T-Mobile USA. In this role she is responsible for building operational controls and utilizing revenue assurance tools that cover the significant revenue streams. This provides assurance over event generation, billing and customer provisioning processes relating to over 20 billion dollars of … [continue]

Krista Saarinen, Experienced Fraud Manager

Krista Saarinen is a long-serving fraud manager who has more than 25 years of experience. She is a well-known specialist within the anti-fraud community, respected for her ability to explain the issues to a wide variety of audiences, drawing upon her deep knowledge of fraud and the other risks that … [continue]

Grant Merrill, CenturyLink

Grant Merrill is the Senior Director of Financial Assurance at CenturyLink, a global telecoms company that operates as a facilities-based provider of a wide range of integrated communications services, primarily in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With around USD 17.6bn in revenue and 50,000 employees … [continue]

Clint Breithaupt, Sprint

Clint Breithaupt is the Fraud Manager of Sprint’s Criminal Analytics Team. He is also the corporate represenatative for Sprint in criminal prosecutions and federal civil handset trafficking cases. He is an experienced anti-fraud professional, having worked for Sprint in that field since 2000. Clint worked as a law enforcement officer … [continue]

Mohammad Sha’ad Hossenbaccus, Millicom Group

Sha’ad is the Global RA Manager at Millicom, the multi-national telco group. Based in their Luxembourg office, his duties see him guiding RA teams and working with peers spread across Europe, Africa and the Americas. This RA work covers a wide range of streams, such as mobile telephony, mobile data, … [continue]

Todd Borchert, CenturyLink Business

Todd Borchert is Senior Director, Decision Science, at CenturyLink Business. Todd joined CenturyLink when Cognilytics, a leading provider of advanced predictive analytics and Big Data solutions, was acquired by CenturyLink in 2014. Todd’s career has seen him work in senior analytics and decision science roles for a wide range of … [continue]

John Brooks, Subex

John Brooks is one of the founders of Connexn Technologies, which was one of the worldwide pioneers of telecoms revenue management technology. Beginning in the 1990’s, John also served as an executive advisor, and he assisted several successful technology start-ups as they pursued and acquired funding. Today he serves as … [continue]

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