These individuals have kindly confirmed they will speak at our conference to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 1st and 2nd October 2019.

Nixon Wampamba, MTN Group

Nixon is the General Manager responsible for technical design and audit at the RAFM Centre of Excellence in MTN Group. He has over 20 years of experience in revenue assurance, fraud management, systems architecture, engineering, process improvement, and the implementation of automation. Nixon links his expertise in testing and evaluating … [continue]

Joseph Nderitu, Vodacom Tanzania

Joseph is a Kenyan revenue assurance, fraud and audit professional who has worked for several telcos across Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently he is the Head of RAFM at Vodacom Tanzania. During his career Joseph has been both a consultant and a manager inside telcos. Before he joined Vodacom Tanzania Joseph worked … [continue]

Malebu Makgalemela, Telkom

Malebu Makgalemela works for Telkom, where she has been the Executive responsible for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) since the beginning of 2018. She is also an Executive at the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA), a nonprofit body. Prior to joining Telkom, Malebu spent three years as the Executive … [continue]

Nasia Seria, MTN

Nasia Seria is the General Manager responsible for risk and compliance of MTN’s Mobile Financial Services (MFS). In this role Nasia is responsible for managing the associated legal, regulatory and business risks for these services. Nasia is a financial professional whose career has seen her rotate between senior roles in … [continue]

Julianne Mweheire, Uganda Communications Commission

Julianne works as the Director of Industry Affairs and Content at the UCC, the comms regulator for Uganda. She joined the UCC in August 2018 after leaving MTN Uganda, where she worked for almost 18 years. Julianne has a deep knowledge of roaming and the inter-operation of telcos; at MTN … [continue]

Elgiva Sibisi, MTN South Africa

Elgiva is the General Manager for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management at MTN South Africa. She has extensive experience in RAFM, having been a key player in defining and transforming the function at MTN. Prior to joining MTN, Elgiva worked for six years at KPMG Swaziland as an Advisory Services … [continue]

Shekali Madi Shekali, Airtel Tanzania

Shekali Madi Shekali works at Airtel Tanzania, where he is a manager in their revenue assurance and fraud management team. In addition to RAFM, he is skilled in project management, product assurance, payments integrity, provisioning assurance, migration assurance, and product design. Shekali has extensive experience of RA inside telcos across … [continue]

Ernest Ketcha Ngassam, MTN Group

Ernest Ketcha Ngassam is a General Manager at MTN Group, where he is responsible for Information Security Architecture and Technical Excellence. Prior to joining MTN, Ernest worked in technical roles for Cell C and SAP. Ernest maintains an academic career alongside his work in business. He is a Professor at … [continue]

Lourenço Francisco, Vodacom Mozambique

Lourenço Francisco is a Senior Specialist in the RAFM team at Vodacom Mozambique. His role covers the control of processes and procedures for the prevention, detection, analysis and solution of any revenue losses at any stage of the billing process. In order to do this, Lourenço uses data mining and … [continue]

Faaiq Davids, MTN South Africa

Faaiq Davids works at MTN South Africa, where he is a Senior Manager responsible for their Fraud function. He joined MTN in July 2018 after accumulating almost 19 years of experience at fellow South African operator Telkom, where he also managed fraud. Faaiq has considerable experience of fighting fraud in … [continue]

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