These professionals have kindly confirmed they will speak during the RAG Americas Online conference to be held September 15-16, 2020.

Timo Vainionpää, Owner of AurorA International Telecom

Timo is a veteran exec and entrepreneur in the telecoms sector. He is both the owner and the President of AurorA, providers of wholesale comms services from their base in North America. Timo also runs Amitel, a firm which assists their clients with cloud based SaaS billing, data privacy, security, … [more]

Matthew Reader, T-Mobile US

Matthew Reader works as a manager of revenue assurance at T-Mobile USA. He joined Sprint in 2002 and has held various positions in billing and revenue assurance since then. Matthew has managed the assurance of the wireline, wireless, wholesale, and prepaid areas. At university Matt obtained a bachelor’s degree in … [more]

Jim McEachern, ATIS

Jim McEachern is an expert in the governance of the SHAKEN anti-spoofing protocol and an advisor to the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS). The Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs, otherwise known as SHAKEN, is a mechanism that enables a digital ‘signature’ to be added to voice calls, … [more]

Mark Potter, T-Mobile US

Mark Potter works for T-Mobile in the USA, where his title is Manager IT Systems – Billing Analytics and Operations. His responsibilities cover all operational aspects of end-to-end wireless retail billing, from the billing system through to the print, mail and eBill process. Mark has two decades of 20 management … [more]

Amyn Sarif, TELUS

Amyn Sarif is the Senior Program Manager for CyberSecurity DevOps in the Chief Technology Office at TELUS. He has over two decades of experience working in the field of technology strategy for TELUS and he has a comprehensive knowledge of security DevOps, wireless and wireline networks. Amyn is responsible for … [more]

Penelope Matloga, Liquid Telecom

Penelope Matloga works for South African telco Liquid Telecom, where she is a Specialist in their Revenue Assurance function. She is responsible for the completeness, accuracy and validity of all Liquid Telecom’s revenue streams, including billing accuracy checks, validation of test bills, monitoring of controls and analysis of trends. Previously … [more]

David Rogers MBE, GSMA Fraud and Security Group

David Rogers is a mobile phone and IoT security expert who runs Copper Horse Ltd, a software and security firm based in the UK. They are working on IoT security, ‘Secure and Resilient by Design’ mobile network transformation as well as future automotive cyber security. David is the Chair of the … [more]

Clodagh Durkan, CISO and Security Governance Expert

Clodagh Durkan is a well travelled leader and expert in the fields of security governance, data protection, cryptography and perimeter threat detection. She is the founder of Sky Blue Security. Clodagh has served as the CISO of Müller, the German food business, and she spent well over a decade in … [more]

Robert Gerstmann, Sinch

Robert Gerstmann is the Chief Evangelist and a co-founder of Sinch, a global leader in cloud communications for messaging. The Sinch enterprise service portfolio includes SMS, MMS, RCS, WhatsApp and other OTT channels, verification, voice, video and personalized messaging. They also provide mobile operators with services and software for messaging, … [more]

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