These are some of the generous businesses that support RAG.


XINTEC is a software development company specialising in fraud management and revenue assurance solutions. The company has developed a range of specialist products and services to enable telecommunications companies achieve higher levels of profitability by focusing on areas of revenue loss or revenue leakage that typically impact their bottom line. … [more]

AB Handshake Corporation

AB Handshake is a game-changing solution for telecom service providers that eliminates fraud on inbound and outbound voice traffic. We validate each call using our advanced system of interaction between operators. This means 100% accuracy and no false positives. The AB Handshake Corporation was founded by a team of professionals … [more]

Symmetry Solutions

Symmetry Solutions provide managed support services and reference data management software for telecom and utility providers to support billing, compliance and revenue assurance operations. Service providers require a transparent single source of truth, a single view of the myriads of diverse offers and products, plans and rates, bundles and discounts, … [more]

GBSD Technologies, Inc.

GBSDTech was founded in 2003. With what started as a focus on location for emergency services and lawful intercept for government agencies. Now, GBSDTech has progressed towards global solutions for Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to stop revenue leakage by utilizing our latest real-time fraud management solutions, including m-pesa fraud blocking … [more]


Oculeus is a leading provider of innovative OSS/BSS solutions for telecommunications service providers, network operators and other providers of voice and SMS services. Oculeus’ systems portfolio includes the company’s flagship Captura solution, a wholesale, routing, operations and billing system for managing a service provider’s interconnect business for voice and SMS. … [more]


LATRO Services, Inc., a global RAFM company, has established itself in more than fifty markets across every major worldwide region over the past decade. The company is headquartered in the United States of America with sales and operations support in Afghanistan, France, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. LATRO brings … [more]


BluGem have been providing independent test solutions and managed services to telecommunication companies for risk assurance, regulatory compliance and fraud detection since 2005. We are a trusted solution provider with comprehensive testing services to help reduce product defects, minimise risk and maintain regulatory compliance through our innovative software solutions that … [more]


Araxxe delivers End-to-End Billing Verification and Interconnect Fraud Detection solutions. … [more]


iconectiv provides authoritative numbering intelligence to the global communications industry. Our market-leading solutions enable the interconnection of networks, devices and applications for more than two billion people every day who count on a simple, seamless and secure way to access and exchange information. With 30+ years of experience and more … [more]

Neural Technologies

Neural Technologies has a global presence with customers in 45 countries worldwide. Founded in 1990, the company has built an international reputation for providing quality solutions to increase the bottom-line for its customers around the globe. Introduction Neural Technologies brings accord and insight to an open digital world. Optimus, from … [more]

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