Charles Aldis, BullsEye Telecom

Charles Aldis is a Vice President of BullsEye Telecom, where he is responsible for revenue operations. BullsEye Telecom is a Michigan-based CLEC whose speciality is providing business-to-business telecommunications and data services for customers working from multiple locations.

Charles has a track record of designing, developing, and streamlining sophisticated and complex functions within the telecommunications, technology, and energy industries. He has a proven aptitude for aligning employees and activity to strategic objectives and eliminating unnecessary and unproductive processes and procedures.

Charles’ role at BullsEye sees him manage the profitability of the customer base. His responsibilities include customer billing, telecommunications network cost management, customer base revenue enhancement, revenue assurance, and approval of all special pricing for large strategic opportunities.

Prior to joining BullsEye Charles was an Executive Vice President for LPB Energy Management. He has a deep understanding of telecom revenue and cost management, having spent three years as VP of Managed Services at Vibrant Solutions, suppliers of network cost management software, whose customers included Verizon, Nextel, Sprint, and MetroPCS. Charles has also worked in cost and revenue management roles for VarTec Telecom, Excel Communications, IXC Communications, US Long Distance and Allnet Communications.