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    Live audience questions and polls



    The agenda is shown as a simple spreadsheet with hyperlinks to the biographies of each speaker. We maintain this document on the cloud so we can instantly make changes if speakers are added or drop out; this gives you a more accurate and up-to-date schedule than otherwise possible. Keep reading below for more detail about some of highlight sessions on the agenda.

    Tuesday 15th February

    • The conference will be opened by our two esteemed co-chairs: former MTN executive Tony Sani and former Ooredoo executive Lee Scargall.
    • Lisa Meeks, Director of Internal Audit for Etisalat’s international operations, will give a keynote presentation that draws on the considerable experience she has gained whilst advising a wide range of companies about risk, compliance and fraud investigation.
    • Common mistakes found in comms providers and how to avoid them will be the subject of the talk led by Bill Leahy, Director of Symmetry Solutions.
    • Ibrahim Dababneh of Zain Bahrain and Adrian Harris of XINTEC will give a joint presentation about the RAFM work they have been doing together.
    • Malick Aissi, VP of Business Assurance and Risk at worldwide carrier iBasis, will join the panel discussing the status of international initiatives designed to curb the rise of spam and fraud.
    • Bander Aldajani of STC will talk about the way his team adds financial value within Saudi Arabia’s largest operator by mitigating its reporting risks.
    • Lee Scargall, former Director of Risk at Ooredoo Group, will give a presentation about recent developments in cybersecurity.
    • How to maximize the value generated from data will be the topic of conversation with Martyn Jones, Revenue Assurance & Business Intelligence Manager at Virgin Mobile MEA.
    • Mustafa Abdelmalik, Director of Strategy and Digital Transformation at Expresso Telecom Group, will share insights based on his company’s transformation journey and the risks that surround significant change.
    • Ashwin Menon of Subex is always a popular speaker at RAG events and he will join us in Dubai to discuss the ways business assurance professionals can deliver the maximum returns from 5G.

    Wednesday 16th February

    • Bareah Al Shanqiti will draw upon her experience of creating and leading revenue assurance teams in different companies and countries to explore the challenges involved in explaining the importance of RA to the rest of the business. Bareah is currently the Revenue Assurance Senior Director at Saudi Arabia’s Integrated Telecom Company (ITC), a multiplay operator that uses the brand name of Salam.
    • Mohamed Jaffar Badry of LATRO will speak on the topic of how to effectively outsource RAFM work. The question as to what can be outsourced and how it is outsourced keeps needing to be reconsidered as technology and working practices change, and this has special resonance at the current time because of the extent to which telcos have adapted to staff working remotely from the office.
    • The panel on dealing with complexity in internal audit will include Farhan Malik, Advisor to the Chief Audit Executive at Omantel, and Tariq Isaksson, VP for Information Systems and Technical Audit at Etisalat Group.
    • Arnd Baranowski, CEO of Oculeus, will give a presentation about using artificial intelligence and other advanced methods to detect and stop fraud instantly.
    • Daniel Udochi, who was formerly responsible for ethics, risk and compliance at a series of MTN operating companies, will join the expert panel on how to set the right priorities for enterprise risk management.
    • Geoff Ibbett is responsible for the development of the RAG Leakage Catalogue, the most comprehensive inventory of revenue and cost leakages suffered by communications providers. Geoff will join us in Dubai to lead a workshop on the creation of the new fraud catalogue, which represents the next stage in crowdsourcing and categorizing the risks faced by comms providers worldwide so that everyone can understand exactly how many of their company’s risks have been addressed and how many have yet to be tackled.
    • Bogdan Mingela, lead developer at Japanese technology business SORAMITSU, will run a workshop that demonstrates how telcos can use blockchain technology to securely exchange fraud intelligence and gathers ideas for the kinds of data that telcos would like to swap in future.
    • RAG Dubai 2022 will close with our traditional ‘Wise Heads’ panel where industry veterans will answer any questions from the audience whilst discussing the state of the comms industry and what they identified as the key takeaways from the conference. The panel moderator will be Eric Priezkalns, Chief Executive of RAG and Editor of Commsrisk.

    Biographies of all the confirmed speakers can be found here.


    Venue and Map

    The venue will be the Falcon Ballroom at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, situated on Airport Road, next to Dubai International Airport. The venue is marked in red on the map of the area immediately below. Keep scrolling down for a floor plan that shows where the Falcon Ballroom is in relation to both entrances to the building.


    Evening Networking

    Conference attendees are welcome to continue networking in an informal setting at the end of each day’s formal agenda. Soft drinks and snacks will be served at 6pm at Cactus Jacks, a Tex-Mex restaurant located just a short walk from the conference venue, as marked on the map above.


    Links to useful RAG resources

    These links will take you to some of the online resources to be discussed during the conference agenda. You may want to bookmark them for future use.

    • RAG Wangiri Blockchain, the web portal for our automated exchange of wangiri fraud intelligence, as used by over 100 telcos worldwide
    • RAG Leakage Catalogue, the most comprehensive inventory of revenue and cost leakages
    • RAG Learning, our online training platform with free courses about a wide variety of subjects


    About Our Sponsors

    RAG is a not-for-profit enterprise, and telcos and regulators may attend our events for free, as do many specially invited experts. That means we rely on the generosity of businesses that pay for everything from our web server to the coffee we serve attendees. We would like to thank the following businesses for making this conference possible.

    Gold Sponsors

    Mobileum, Neural Technologies, Oculeus, Subex, Symmetry Solutions, TEOCO

    Silver Sponsors

    AB Handshake Corporation, Araxxe, FraudBuster, GBSD Technologies, LATRO Services, XINTEC

    Bronze Sponsors
    Calltic, Cellusys, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Six Degrees, TMT Analysis, Trustonic

    If you would like to host a future RAG event or if you want to learn about sponsorship opportunities then please get in touch. We will be glad to hear from you!



    A printable PDF brochure for the conference can be downloaded from here or viewed below.