David Morrow, Fraud Expert

David has a deep knowledge of fraud and fraud management, having served as the Vodafone Group Corporate Security Fraud Manager and as an investigation officer for the UK’s tax authority before that. David is a member of the RAG’s steering committee, providing guidance on how we maintain an agenda that reflects the issues in global fraud management. He has also served on the management team of the GSMA’s Fraud & Security Group and has represented Vodafone at various industry fora.

Dave will be a panellist at RAG London in April 2018. He will contribute to our fraud discussion, and also join our closing wise heads session.

At Vodafone David ensured compliance with relevant governance and monitored new and emerging fraud risks. He reviewed new products and services to avoid significant fraud risk and provided fraud management and investigation support across the business.

In addition to contributing to RAG events David has also shared with us his guide on how telcos should manage the risk of Missing Trader Intra-Community (MTIC) VAT fraud. As anyone in the industry will know, telcos are often subject to severe scrutiny to ensure they effectively combat sales tax frauds that are typically perpetrated by dealers and other telco business partners. David’s guide has been evaluation by RAG members and approved by the committee. To obtain a copy of the guide log on to the member’s-only section of this website.

Dave has been a regular contributor to RAG events. At the November 2016 RAG meeting Dave spoke about his campaign to encourage UK telcos to make better use of the Proceeds of Crime Act to confiscate money generated by telecoms fraud. You can learn more about that campaign from here. For the RAG 2016 Summer Conference David gave a presentation on “Telecoms Fraud, Terrorism and Money Laundering”. David also spoke at our March 2016 meeting on the topic of MTIC fraud.