David Morrow’s Answers to Questions for the ‘Hot Topics in Telecoms Fraud’ Panel at RAG Toronto 2019

Is there much incentive to deal with wangiri unless the regulator notices it?

Yes, but the incentive is related to the scale of wangiri – even without official involvement, if significant numbers of your customers are affected it has multiple consequences, e.g.

  • Increased resources required to deal with complaints to your customer care teams
  • Adverse social media comment
  • Negative media coverage requiring management response
  • Negative churn impact from increased leavers and fewer connections
  • Possible impact on share price, especially if combined with another incident

Why don’t telcos get more involved in identity management to generate profit whilst protecting themselves?

I think the underlying reason is that no telco (as far as I am aware) has solved their own problems with identity management.

Are fraud software vendors doing anything interesting like advanced AI to predict fraud? Who do you guys see as the leader?

Yes, all fraud software vendors are now working with AI and Machine Learning. There is no clear leader, so I would recommend setting up side by side PoCs for relevant AI applications.