David Smith, RA Pioneer

Now semi-retired, David has exerted immeasurable influence over the development of revenue assurance during his thirty-year telecoms career. RAG is honored that David is helping us to develop an education program, based upon a proposal David originally drafted. David will join us at our London conference in March, where he will join the panel discussing education and how to create new online courses for professionals.

Between 1999 and 2006 David was a director of the Global Billing Association, where he was responsible for its benchmarking survey. This survey included the first international benchmarks for revenue assurance. David was an author of the 2001 report “Managing Successful Revenue Assurance” which first described many of the key principles and techniques of the emerging discipline. David also led the team that created the UK’s Metering and Billing Accuracy approval scheme, which also shaped the development of RA tools and techniques. As a consequence of his pioneering contribution to the field of revenue assurance, David was ranked by B/OSS World amongst “the 25 most influential people in telecom software”.