Dr. Güera Romo, Engineering Management Expert

Güera is many things: an academic, an engineer, a psychologist, an educator, an instigator of change, and a business advisor. She knows the field of revenue assurance well, having managed RA for telcos and other firms in both South Africa and the USA. In 2015 Güera earned a PhD in Engineering Management, and since then she has focused on the ways big businesses can improve the utilisation of scare skills in technology and engineering, as informed by her background in revenue assurance. She is passionate about ensuring African businesses develop and realise the talents of Africans, and concentrates on the demanding challenge of matching skills development to the rapidly evolving requirements of high technology businesses.

Güera has kindly agreed to give a presentation at this September’s RAG Johannesburg Conference. Her talk will address education and transformation, and how both employers and employees should seek the best match between available human resources and the particular demands of technology roles like revenue assurance.