Esad Mumdzic, Deutsche Telekom

Esad is currently the Head of Credit Risk Management at Deutsche Telekom, responsible for B2C and SME service lines. He has spent much of his professional life in the credit risk management and collections industry across Europe, working in Germany, UK and Hungary amongst others.

Esad will be speaking at RAG Bonn, where the title of his presentation will be: “Identifying Fraud Using Graph Anomaly Detection”.

Esad worked for seven years at Accumio, the third largest credit bureau in Germany. He was their Head of Product Design and Business Development, and was responsible for their complete product portfolio.

Before Accumio, Esad spent three years in and around the Intrum Justitia, one of the largest Inkasso Bureaus worldwide. His focus was on data analytics and regional integration.

Whilst still at university, Esad built up his own 15-man company, and then went on to obtain his MSc in Electrotechnic.