Ethan Garr, TelTech

Ethan Garr is the Vice President of Product & Marketing at TelTech Systems of South Amboy, New Jersey.

TelTech creates innovative apps and services that help consumers protect their security and privacy on their mobile phones. The company’s suite of products includes RoboKiller, the winner of the FTC’s Robocalls: Humanity Strikes Back competition. RoboKiller gets revenge on spammers by answering the calls it blocks with time-wasting Answer Bots. TrapCall unmasks blocked calls and provides a complete privacy package that protects users from all kinds of unwanted calls, while TapeACall and Call Recorder Unlimited provide call recording services for iPhone.

Ethan leads the growth efforts of TelTech’s team of product managers, data analysts, marketers and designers. He previously ensured that the company’s portfolio of products grows continuously through data-driven testing and optimization of processes.

Ethan has more than twenty years of experience developing, leading and implementing technology, marketing and business expansion projects for startups and growing companies. A graduate of American University in Washington DC, he currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and daughter.