FraudBuster Chooses to Become Global Sponsors of RAG

5 June 2019 FraudBuster, respected suppliers of fraud management services, have agreed a sponsorship deal with the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) which will see them participate in RAG conferences to be held in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

The sponsorship deal with FraudBuster makes them one of 13 international vendors that have decided to become global sponsors of RAG.

The FraudBuster team have a strong sense of their role in the industry, and they have carved out a niche as specialists in the field of fraud detection for mobile operators. At the same time, they use disruptive big data technology to achieve uncompromising levels of performance. This combination has driven their growth from just five customers in 2014 to approaching 100 customers today.

Eric Priezkalns, Chief Executive of RAG, welcomed FraudBuster to the RAG family.

In RAG we want to work with the best of the best, and FraudBuster definitely belongs in that category. I love their no-nonsense attitude to fraud management, which is so apparent even in their choice of name. They want to bust criminal operations and put them out of business! RAG wants that too, and that makes us natural allies.

This industry needs the unrelenting spirit of firms like FraudBuster. They prove fraud can be defeated, and they do it day after day, whether they are chasing simboxers or hunting down revenues lost to over-the-top providers. FraudBuster achieves results through a combination of innovation and determination. They have the courage to say that fraud can be eradicated, and we want to see them share that level of ambition with RAG’s audience of highly-engaged professionals.

Vincent Revol, Deputy General Manager of FraudBuster, commented on the sponsorship agreement.

Ever since FraudBuster’s early participation to RAG meetings, we’ve been impressed by the quality of the content that it offered to participants. High level speakers, curated topics and brain picking presentations make those events a must for us. The RAG meetings connect professionals from various horizons and stimulate participants to share knowledge and contribute to improving industry practices.

FraudBuster practices a ‘no bullshit’ approach, and we find that RAG has the same pragmatic way of doing things. In fact, we liked it so much that we decided to support the organization by entering a long term sponsoring agreement.

About FraudBuster

With offices in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, FraudBuster takes advantage of a footprint covering 45+ countries to monitor the latest trends in fraud and design unique solutions to better support operators.

FraudBuster has proudly developed the most efficient solution to fight regional cross-border SIMbox bypass, and was responsible for detecting more than 8 million fraudulent SIM cards during 2018. The performance of their bypass detection is backed by stringent service levels, with fraudulent SIM cards detected before reaching 18 minutes of usage, and fewer than 0.1% false positives on average.

Now the FraudBuster team is in the process of deploying their patent-pending OTT management solution, spOTTer, with selected customers. This is an all-in-one service for regulators and operators to implement their OTT VoIP policy and take control of the usage on networks, from simple monitoring to monetization. spOTTer is able to detect and block OTT bypass fraud in real time.

You can learn more about FraudBuster from

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