FraudBuster designs, develops and provides innovative anti-fraud solutions for the Telecom Industry.

Founded in 2010, and now with nearly 100 deployments in 40+ countries, FraudBuster has grown to become a leading expert in bypass and interconnect fraud detection, as well as traffic control solutions for MNOs and Regulators across the world.

In 2019, FraudBuster unveiled a framework for OTT Monetization, a world’s first to support MNOs against the stunning decline of Voice revenues.

  • Mission: FraudBuster aims to provide anti-fraud and traffic management services with contractual guarantee of results and quick ROI for their customers.
  • Values: Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration and Diversity.
  • Vision: Operators and Regulators must be able to have full monopoly over the telecommunication networks by eliminating fraud and optimizing traffic to maintain profitability and reduce security threats.

FraudBuster offers 360° protection against the prevalent threats:

  • SIMbox
  • CLI Refiling fraud
  • A2P SMS bypass
  • OTT bypass

SIMBuster →

SIMbox detection and elimination as a service

The SIMBuster is a big-data expert system that analyzes the voice traffic of the Operator (CDRs) to detect and block fraudulent usage in real-time.

  • 100% of the traffic analyzed, 24/7/365
  • Real-time detections
  • Efficient against On-Net, Off-Net, Roaming and International SIMbox
  • Only solution with contractual SLA on speed of detection (MoU)

SIMBuster SMS →

Monitoring and monetization of A2P and P2P SMS traffic

The SIMBuster SMS helps Operators secure their revenues by actively monitoring the SMS traffic to detect sources of fraud and leakage.

  • Fully-managed service to guarantee proper billing of all SMS traffic
  • Real-time detection of fraudulent and unauthorized SMS traffic
  • Detection of abusive P2P (SIMbox) SMS campaigns


Real-time antifraud and traffic management exchange platform

The ClearingHouse is the ultimate cross-network fraud protection, voice traffic and network usage management for Operators and Regulators.

  • Real-time fraud detection exchange protocols between national and international operators
  • Accurate accounting of voice traffic balance between networks and countries
  • Detection of CLI refiling fraud
  • Live IMEI repository to block stolen handsets at country level

SpOTTer →

Framework for OTT traffic management, monetization and OTT bypass detection

SpOTTer is the industry-first OTT monetization platform. From simple monitoring to the implementation of sophisticated tax policy, its service allows Regulators and Operators to implement their OTT policy and take control over the usage on their network.

  • Usage monitoring of the most popular OTT protocols
  • Real-time detection and blocking OTT bypass
  • Turn-key framework for OTT monetization

You can learn more from the FraudBuster website at