Free Proof of Concept from Expert Suppliers of Number Plan Management Solutions

For a limited period, RAG members can obtain a free demonstration of the benefits of using the global and anti-fraud solutions created by the number plan management experts at Biaas

8 May 2018 RAG is delighted to announce it has entered into a partnership with Biaas, the leading experts in number plan management for pricing, assurance, and fraud management, that will make it easier for RAG members to obtain access to Biaas services online. Telcos using the RAG-Biaas web portal will be entitled to a free proof of concept that will demonstrate the value added by enhanced management of number plans.

Biaas are the creators of the GNRM™ global number plan management solution and the FNRM™ anti-fraud number plan management solution. For over 12 years major telecommunications companies have relied on these solutions to provide them with ongoing access to rigorously maintained databases of pan-national number plan data. This gives telcos the comfort of knowing their systems have been configured to accurately deal with the way dial codes have been implemented around the world, and that they will suffer neither leakages nor frauds because of a failure to undertake necessary updates on a timely basis.

RAG has identified that a major risk and assurance challenge for telecommunications companies is the need for dynamic number plan management solutions to ensure the accurate identification of all voice and SMS originations and destinations. The robust Biaas solutions meet business needs in the following two ways:

  • For pricing, billing and assurance, the Biaas solution will accurately identify and distinguish between different national and international fixed, mobile and premium destinations.
  • For fraud management, Biaas will apply accurate labelling to help speedily identify and stop fraudulent traffic.

Rob Chapman, Chairman of RAG, welcomed the new partnership with Biaas and its founder, Guy Howie:

We are thrilled that Biaas has chosen to give RAG members this opportunity to try their number plan management solutions. The new RAG-Biaas web portal should enable telcos to switch to a cloud-based approach to collecting the number plan data they need to manage billing and to counter fraud. The more telcos who use the portal, the greater the cost efficiencies for our entire global industry.

Guy Howie is well-known and respected amongst the RAG community, being a long-standing contributor to our events, and we are always glad to benefit from the insights shared by Guy and his team at Biaas. This partnership will allow us to share Biaas’ number range expertise with a much wider range of telcos around the world.

RAG is keen to encourage the use of Biaas number range data repositories because we believe their widespread adoption would deliver significant improvements in how the telecoms industry ensures the accuracy of billing whilst simultaneously reducing the risk of IRSF fraud.

RAG members can obtain a free proof of concept for a limited time. To take advantage, visit the RAG-Biaas web portal and provide your contact details.

Notes to Editors

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