GBSD Technologies Joins RAG Sponsors

13 May 2019 The Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) is proud to confirm that GBSD Technologies Inc., providers of real-time fraud blocking solutions to mobile operators for over 15 years, has entered into a sponsorship agreement that will see them participate in the next four RAG conferences around the world. GBSDTech joins 12 other firms who have committed to support RAG on an annual basis.

GBSDTech’s sponsorship means their experts will contribute to the agenda of RAG conferences in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. These multi-national audiences will benefit from GBSDTech’s insights into how to increase profitability through the proactive use of location based services, the automatic prevention of fraud, and by safeguarding the integrity of new and transformative services like M-Pesa.

Rob Chapman, Chairman of RAG, commented:

It has been a pleasure to get to know GBSDTech through their participation in RAG events held during 2018 and early 2019. Their vision of preventing fraud before it can occur aligns with our objectives, as we both want to see consistent and permanent reductions in the levels of fraud suffered by customers and businesses. This annual sponsorship agreement shows that GBSDTech values the opportunity to meet with the highly-engaged telecoms risk specialists who come to RAG conferences, and we welcome the chance to partner with GBSDTech to increase awareness of the way that protocol-based techniques can stop fraud at its source.

Both GBSDTech and RAG want to see a radical transformation of the telecoms landscape so that historically typical levels of fraud are no longer considered acceptable. The RAG team looks forward to working closely with GBSDTech in pursuit of our common goals.

Mike Powers, Managing Director at GBSDTech said:

It is an honour and privilege to be a part of the RAG family. In our industry we all face ever changing times, and the need for expert opinions, ideas, and products in the risk and assurance industry continues to grow daily.

RAG’s high standards, professionalism, passion for supporting the industry, and bringing experts together to help with tackling problems we face today and tomorrow is exactly what our company believes in. Our experience with RAG has only been positive.

Our company wanted to align ourselves with a group with similar core values, and a group that will assist GBSDTech in letting the telecommunications industry know we are here to help, support, and advance each MNO in providing the best solutions possible. RAG is and continues to be “that group”.

About GBSD Technologies Inc.

GBSDTech was founded in 2003. With what started as a focus on location for emergency services and lawful intercept for government agencies. Now, GBSDTech has progressed towards global solutions for Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to stop revenue leakage by utilizing our latest real-time fraud management solutions, including m-pesa fraud blocking solutions, and location based services.

We started by developing core SS7 based location applications. Our suite of products over the years has grown to offer end to end location solutions via control plane and user plane for MNOs around the world.

By using our experiences and knowledge in location applications, we believe we have found a greater way of blocking fraud. Not only can we locate devices on the network, we can also see and block fraud platforms and applications.

Our new purpose is to block fraud of all types at the source. The flow of information and content in the network is where the rubber meets the road. Fraud cannot happen if it is detected properly and then rules are applied at the protocol levels to not allow messaging to flow.

In the core network; that is where we deliver and achieve our best efforts. We have been developing commercial grade SS7 products for over 15 years and that is what we do best.

Office Number: +1.682.936.2055

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