Geoff Ibbett, Award-Winning Consultant

Geoff is a consultant with deep experience of telecoms revenue assurance and operational risk management, and he is the author and provider of the TM Forum’s certified RA training course. During his career Geoff has held a series of senior roles in product management, project management and business development for several well-known software developers and consultancies. As a result, Geoff is the perfect person to lead the RAG’s innovation program.

Geoff is a regular participant at RAG conferences and meetings. He is scheduled to participate in the closing ‘wise heads’ panel at RAG Sydney.

The current focus of Geoff’s work with the innovation team is to create an updated risk map for revenue assurance. We believe this will result in ‘Revenue Assurance version 2’, a significant update to the recognized scope of revenue assurance work that draws on the experience of leading telcos as they expand the assurance remit to cover additional areas like contract assurance and network assurance.

Geoff’s professional reputation has been established over 30 years of working in IT software design, product management and risk management, of which 20 years have been dedicated to the telecoms industry. He has unrivalled experience of the development of assurance software, having led the development of three generations of revenue assurance technology. Over the years Geoff has worked with Subex, InfoGov, The Risk Management Group, Telecomms Consultacy & Solutions, Viag Interkom and Fujitsu.

In recognition of his work on telecoms revenue assurance, Geoff is a two-time winner of the TM Forum’s Outstanding Contribution Award.