Gjurgjica Pesheva, Deutsche Telekom

Gjurgjica ‘Gina’ Pesheva is a senior expert at Deutsche Telekom Group, where she oversees their strategies and policies for revenue assurance and billing.

Gina will be our host and keynote speaker for RAG Bonn in June. She will also be joining us to give a presentation at RAG Johannesburg in September.

Amongst her duties Gjurgjica helps DT Group to standardize and coordinate their assurance processes, IT and methods. She uses internal and external benchmarks to identify improvement opportunities in each subsidiary. Gjurgjica initiates and manages RA and billing projects and develops the practices adopted by the group. As part of her work she actively participates in the TM Forum’s RA collaborative program, and leads the team responsible for their RA KPIs and balanced scorecard.

Prior to joining DT Group, Gjurgjica served for 6 years as the Head of Revenue Assurance and Billing at Makedonski Telekom, an operator in her native country of Macedonia. Gjurgjica is certified by G31000 as an ISO 31000 risk management professional and she holds a degree in computer science.