Hanno Allolio, Consultant and Business Leader

Hanno is a founder of Allolio&Konrad, a European professional services firm that focuses on assurance, project management and BSS transformation. Their clients include Telefónica, Vodafone, T-Mobile, BT and Orange. Allolio&Konrad was recently acquired by Ericsson, who intend for the Allolio&Konrad team to “become the backbone of Ericsson’s consulting organization in Western and Central Europe.”

Hanno will join us as a panellist at RAG Bonn in June. He will draw upon his years of working with telcos to identify ways assurance teams can move beyond revenue assurance and seek to provide a more extensive range of assurance capabilities within their business.

Prior to establishing Allolio&Konrad in 2002, Hanno spent nearly a decade working as a consultant for Ernst & Young. He was educated at the University of Michigan Business School, where he obtained an MBA.