Hugh Roberts, Strategist and Evangelist

Hugh Roberts is one of the best known and most widely respected individuals in our field, as made obvious by plaudits from colleagues:

“Hugh is one of the most articulate, imaginative and charming people in the industry. Not afraid to talk about his vision and fears, and just as keen to listen.”

“He gets you to think differently. Everyone around wants to listen when he speaks.”

“Hugh is hugely knowledgable. His innovative approach draws on many disciplines to create solutions and deliver insights that others would not have found.”

Hugh will be joining us for the RAG London Conference in March, where he will once again contribute to the closing ‘wise heads’ panel debate.

Over the course of his long and fascinating career, Hugh has worked as a communications and media strategist, a conference producer, and the creator of groundbreaking high-tech audio-visual entertainment. He has directed, produced and run telecoms conferences since 1994, and was responsible for establishing new events that covered such diverse topics as billing systems, spectrum management, interconnect accounting, intelligent networks and internal audit. Hugh also founded the TM Forum’s RA Working Group, inviting the participants to its first meeting in July 2004.