i3forum-RAG Wholesale Fraud Survey 2022

In 2022, RAG teamed up with i3forum, leaders in collaboration amongst international carriers, to create a new survey focused on fraud risks faced by wholesale providers of voice services.


Raw Data Collected and Summary Graphs

You are permitted to use and share the following data so long as you give credit to i3forum and RAG, as per the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence.

All of the data submitted by respondents to the survey and graphs that summarize the responses to each question can be seen and downloaded by clicking this link to open the spreadsheet in a new window. All the answers given by the 46 respondents can be found in the tab labelled ‘All Raw Data’. Each question in the raw data sheet is hyperlinked to a graph that summarises the answers to that question.


How the Questions Were Selected

A list of potential questions were compiled from suggestions made by members of the i3forum Fight Against Fraud working group over the course of several group meetings held in Q2 2022. The group then discussed and voted upon the suggestions to decide which would be included in the questionnaire. These questions were then sorted and grouped into categories to aid the flow of the questionnaire.