John Brooks, Subex

John Brooks serves as the Vice President of Product Management in Subex, handling project management and the P&L for product teams. He has over 27 years of experience in telecoms, spanning fixed, mobile, data, and video technologies across various functions such as engineering, consulting, finance, sales, and product management.

Within the industry, John was a board member for the Global Billing Association, founded the TM Forum Fraud team (authoring the first International Fraud Operations and Fraud Classifications guides), and now leads the TM Forum Network Asset Management team, focusing on transformative best practices for SDN/NFV operations.

Over the years John has served as an Advisory Board member for a prominent technical university, and has spoken at over 50 industry events and authored numerous papers on topics including IoT, digital disruption, big data, and enterprise risk management.

John has been with Subex (formerly Connexn/Azure) since 1999, where he has directed over 40 successful cost, revenue, and business optimization engagements at over 24 top-tier carriers globally.

RAG London 2018 attendees will hear John give a presentation about how to safeguard assets and improve profitability through the assurance of networked devices.