Kathy Romano’s Answers to Questions for the ‘What Next for Revenue Assurance?’ Panel at RAG Toronto 2019

If the CFO asked for a ‘quick win’ to boost the quarterly numbers, what would each member of the panel do?

I think that many of us have RA initiatives that we don’t have enough resources to complete. So if the CFO asked for a quick win, I would pull out the list and ask for the resources.

Can we keep things simple? Do we want to?

Simple products or simple RA? As long as product delivery/rules and IT infrastructure are complex, then RA will be challenging and complex.

Are the telcos relaxing/ignoring the checks with respect to fraud and revenue loss just to survive the competition?

Absolutely not in my experience.

How do you see voice RA changing with OTT?

As voice revenues decline over time, clearly the focus will shift to digital RA. The challenge is to monitor voice enough so that you are able to maintain the margins.

The ILEC are increasing prices on older products.

Margin assurance controls on those costs are even more important.

How do you think AI will influence RA?

I think that AI will eventually be used to narrow down false positives so that the RA practitioner can focus on the true issues.

How do you intend to ensure to keep things simple with customers in a more complex world

What looks simple to the customers is often complicated behind the scenes. For example, tax inclusive pricing in the US. Taxes vary by state and local jurisdictions but a company wants to charge a single rate across the country. These kinds of plans that are simple for the customer to understand will guarantee the need for RA/Business Assurance for a long time!