Kostadin Taneski, A1 Telekom Austria

Kostadin is a manager at A1 Telekom Austria, where he is responsible for revenue assurance relating to the network and billing. He has over a decade of experience in dealing with risk management and revenue assurance in the telecom industry. His responsibilities range from exploratory data analysis and establishing data pipelines to performing risk assessments and implementing controls.

Prior to joining Telekom Austria group, Kostadin worked as an information security and risk management consultant in KPMG Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Kostadin will join us at RAG London in April 2018 to communicate his plan to distribute free software for the modelling of revenue assurance risks in telcos. This software was developed by Kostadin and his team at A1 Telekom Austria but is now also being adopted by other telcos in the Deutsche Telekom group. The software generated a lot of excitement when screenshots of the development version were presented at RAG Bonn in 2017. The possibility of a widely-used free software platform for calculating the relationship between revenues, risks, leakages and controls could potentially be a game-changer for revenue assurance worldwide.