LATRO Services, Inc., a global RAFM company, has established itself in more than fifty markets across every major worldwide region over the past decade. The company is headquartered in the United States of America with sales and operations support in Afghanistan, France, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. LATRO brings a unique knowledge and subject matter expertise to the RAFM business as its core team of industry veterans come from a technical network background. Coupled with its analytics expertise and global experience, LATRO are Signaling Geniuses with the ability to leverage network data flows to detect fraud and revenue leakage instantly.

Known as the fastest and most comprehensive solution provider in the market for combating SIM Box international bypass fraud, our FM managed service leverages proprietary technology to help telecommunications operators and regulators identify, locate and eliminate fraud before revenue losses occur, even when fraudsters use SIM Server advanced anti-detection techniques. Through our RA managed service, we offer cost-effective, expert revenue assurance solutions for telecom operators who want to grow their maturity across a range of business controls. Flexibility and cash flow positive value are the hallmarks of our RA products and services.

Fraud Management

LATRO offers a single, unified package to beat bypass fraud before it happens in the form of Versalytics™ Analytics as a Service (AaaS), a managed service using a highly versatile and advanced data analytics platform. The fastest fraud control solution in the industry today, the multi-layered system can detect fraud before the fraud device makes a single revenue damaging call.

Versalytics™ Analytics as a Service attacks the fraud problem comprehensively by leveraging big data sources from a variety of telecommunications network elements to conduct multi-layered integrated analysis in the form of Test Call Generation, CDR Analysis and intensive Signaling, Usage, Pattern and Location Analytics. Data sources include CDRs, Signaling xDRs, TCG Route Scans, Cell Site Plans, Numbering Plans, and RF Drive Tests.

Signaling Analytics powers LATRO’s Protocol Signature™, proprietary technology capable of proactively detecting SIM Box fraud using innovative Device Characterization algorithms. Using Signaling probe xDR data, LATRO can accelerate the detection process and provide the fastest and deepest visibility into the network possible. The output is Fraud Detections and Fraud Locations used to discover and eliminate fraud operations, resulting in recovered revenue streams previously lost to Bypass Fraud.

Versalytics™ is also capable of fighting the most elusive and advanced fraud, immune to methods such as SIM Servers, SIM Banks and SIM Card Virtualization. The innovative data analytics system is also immune to counter detection methods including HLR Checking, Human Behavior Simulation, B# Analysis and Approved and Non-Approved Listings.

LATRO Services is the only solution provider to offer pinpoint Geolocation of SIM Box and SIM Server systems as well as report Pre-Call detections of virtualized SIM Cards used to defraud telecom operators and regional tax authorities from valuable international voice call revenues.

Regulatory Specialists

In many markets, eliminating SIM Box bypass fraud requires a collaborative approach among the telecom operators which is often best facilitated by the national regulator. LATRO are specialists in supporting regulatory enforcement strategies to detect and locate SIM Box fraud. The telecom industry in developing markets especially relies on termination revenues to fuel the expansion and operation of services. Proactive regulatory authorities partner with LATRO to rid bypass fraud from within the market. Using LATRO’s unique solutions for pinpoint geolocation of SIM Box devices, regulators can stop fraud, thereby increasing revenues and public funds within their markets. In addition, regulatory programs to stop the illegal use of SIM Boxes also address issues of quality of service and subscriber security that are tertiary negative effects of such fraud.

Revenue Assurance

LATRO also partners with telecom operators seeking to grow their maturity across a range of business controls up to and including integration of current, big data-based RA tools. Flexibility and cash flow positive value are the hallmarks of our RA products and services.

The LATRO team have decades of combined experience in RA, accumulated within the Americas, African, and Middle East markets. Our experience leading RA framework and process development greatly benefits telecom organizations seeking to build, enhance, or improve their own RA strategy and control program. Our goal is to empower our customers to grow in maturity through a flexible and cost-effective approach. We offer an alternative to the massive capital outlay and resource exhausting system implementations typical in today’s RA sector.

We call our portfolio of RA products and services Versassure. Our managed service and scalable data processing systems offer highly flexible implementations which are adaptive to dynamic business environments. We focus on automation for RAFM staffing optimization as well as meaningful dashboard views and KPI summaries.

The Versassure data processing platform is available in a variety of custom configurations for cloud or on-premise hosted requirements. In addition to elegantly simple reconciliation engines, LATRO also offers full, turn-key RA big-data solutions.

Industry Contribution

Since our inception, LATRO has been committed to industry collaboration within the telecom RAFM sector. In addition to RAG, we are members of other leading industry organizations such as the GSMA Fraud and Security Group. We believe strongly that our role in delivering value to clients includes contributing to information sharing, common framework developments, and thought leadership among the global community. We seek to advance the common goals of a continuously maturing telecom industry through the elimination of fraud and the control of unnecessary and unwanted revenue leakage. We believe doing so powers global education, community development, and humanitarian benefits through a healthy, robust, and vibrant telecommunications sector.

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