Lourenço Francisco, Vodacom Mozambique

Lourenço Francisco is a Senior Specialist in the RAFM team at Vodacom Mozambique. His role covers the control of processes and procedures for the prevention, detection, analysis and solution of any revenue losses at any stage of the billing process. In order to do this, Lourenço uses data mining and analysis of revenue trends to identify signs of abnormal activity and possible revenue loss for both the GSM and MPESA services supplied by Vodacom Mozambique.

Lourenço’s role also requires him to stay up to date with all changes in mobile and MPESA services in order to mitigate the risk of fraud.

One of Lourenço’s areas of expertise is the detection of simboxes used for bypass fraud. Some of his work for Vodacom Mozambique resulted in a significant improvement in the number of simboxes detected and a 10 percent rise in international inbound traffic.