Luís Brás, WeDo

Luís is a Professional Services Senior Manager at WeDo Technologies where he serves as a subject matter expert in the realm of fraud management.

Luís has occupied a variety of roles during his 16 years at WeDo. These roles include Head of Product Application and Professional Services Manager. He is a recognized speaker and influencer for the telecoms industry globally.

Luís also heads the TM Forum Fraud Management Group, as well as being an active member, representative and participant in the GSMA Fraud and Security group and the global Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA).

Luís has an Executive MBA from the Porto Business School and a Licentiate degree in Computer Science/ Applied Mathematics from Universidade Portucalense.

At RAG London 2018 Luís will give a presentation on the topic of “Monitoring Online Markets for Point of Sale Fraud Detection”.