March 2016 Agenda

Here is the running order and speakers for all of the presentations and workshops which have been scheduled for our March 10th RAG meeting. It is going to be another full day of discussion and debate!

Time Duration Topic Speaker
10:30 15 mins Introductions & Welcome from the Chair Rob Chapman, Cartesian

10:45 60 mins Protecting Content Streaming Revenue
The advent of over the top video streaming services has created a raft of new challenges for the industry. How do you protect your revenue and investments in this rapidly changing market?
André Roy, Farncombe
11:45 30 mins Refreshments Break
12:15 45 mins Missing Trader VAT Fraud – whose problem?
The presentation assumes no prior knowledge and covers VAT, how it works and the mechanics of VAT Fraud and Missing Trader Fraud. It explains why this could be your problem, provides simple guidelines to perform a risk assessment and then picks out some red flags in a £300m telecoms case study.
David Morrow, Fraud Fit
13:00 75 mins Lunch & Social
14:15 45 mins Online Video Service – Password Sharing Identification
In recent years, online video streaming services (OTT and TV Everywhere) have grown rapidly. However, not all users access this service legitimately and instead watch as a consequence of password sharing. In this session will examine a recent Cartesian project conducted in this area, examining the relevant implications for revenue assurance
Rishi Modha, Cartesian
15:00 30 mins Refreshment Break
15:30 45 mins Revenue Assurance in Water & Energy
The presentation will provide insights into the challenges of deploying Revenue Assurance activities in Water & Energy companies based upon first-hand experience, and in particular, from the perspective of a Telco RA person in a new environment
Dan Ret, Sagacity
16:15 30 mins Breakout: Risk & Assurance with 4G
  • How do you ensure your new platforms are able to cope with 4G speeds particularly in real time whilst maintaining the customer experience?
  • What do you need to do differently from a risk and assurance perspective when managing 4G on your network in comparison to 3G?
  • How do you deal with the challenges from faster speeds & risk of bill shock?
John Preston, Tesco Mobile
16:45 15 mins RAG Summer Extravaganza
A chance to hear first-hand the view and news on the 2-day summer event, including why, how, when and what is in store for you.
RAG Committee
17:15 15 mins Recap, Open Floor & Final Thoughts
Thoughts & views from the group before heading off for well-deserved refreshments
Rob Chapman, Cartesian